I Believe She's Trying to Get me Disfellowshipped!

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  • R.F.

    I've tried to be nice about it, perhaps i'm just a little TOO nice when dealing with her.

    Ok, my ex-fiancee started blowing up my phone again and leaving voicemails. I considered changing my number weeks ago but changed my mind when her calls stopped but I might need to consider it now.

    Anywho......she's been leaving voicemails again saying how she's moving on with her life, moving out of State even, going to find someone else that really loves her.....yadda yadda yadda. Then she left another one earlier saying she's going to go to the elders to tell them something about me that she thinks they should know. I will say that she has NOTHING on me. There is nothing i've done judicially to get DF'd or reproved for, so the only ammo she has to use are lies. That's all I can really think that she would do to warrant her going to the elders about me for something. To be honest, I don't think she's aware of the "two witness" rule, so it will only make her look foolish when everything is denied. If she has something to rat me out for, why do it now? I haven't had contact with her for months, so I don't know if she's trying to get reaction out of me and feels that this will or what.

    I've tried to keep it civil between the two of us, but she's making it difficult for me.

    Is legal action something I should consider?

    She has alot of psychological issues that I know she has a hard time dealing with, but my patience is running thin. Like i've said, she's the one that gave the notion that she is superior to me since she attends JW meetings and I don't, yet, like i've said here before, she has done something recently which wouldn't surprised me if she were to get charged criminally. I don't see her busting down the door of the KH to tell the "brothers" that bit of info.

    At this point, I really don't care what she throws at me when the Borg is involved, I just want the harrassment to stop. I see that it would only help me and help my family see how much of a sham the Borg actually is. She's actually gone and lied on my family to the elders before, and they were a bit shaken by the way they dealt with me, so yeah, this may be a blessing in disguise.

    Perhaps i'm ALLOWING all this trouble to go on, but like I said, I still try to be conscious of her emotions. Maybe that is a problem, since she obviously doesn't care about mine anymore.



    Wow - is she always such a trouble maker? I would ignore her. Personally, I think she is trying to get a rise out of you with her threats. I would consider legal action and a change of phone numbers if it continues. Usually no feed-back makes these freaks disappear.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Is legal action something I should consider?

    The Borg hate legal actions by any members against any other members.
    They might feel the need to look into any accusations, and use any extreme
    application to remove YOUR dangerous influence from other members.
    After all, you are willing to use legal measures against your "sister."

    Best to just let them investigate, and if you want the elders to stop bothering
    with it, let them see there is no merit to anything she says.

    I wouldn't even go to expenses to change numbers. I would just screen
    every call and not answer hers. The best way to know what she's saying is to
    let her say it. Also, she might get the new number somehow, then you bothered
    for nothing.

  • BFD

    Tell her no more mr. nice guy.

    Tell her to piss off and go tell her tales to the elders. Then remind her of the criminal activity that you are aware she committed.


  • Mum

    R.F., she sounds disturbed. I recommend a restraining order. She needs help, and being served with a restraining order could lead to her getting some. At the very least, she will have to leave you alone or take the legal consequences. You are kind-hearted, but that works against you.


    SandraC, a formerly kind-hearted soul

  • R.F.

    She didn't use to be a trouble maker. She's changed so much since we've parted ways. I'm still quite shocked by some of the things she's done since then. Her mother told me about it a bit.

    I'm seeing a potential bright side to all of this. I think that when my parents(the ones fading for) see the added nonsense that i'd have to deal with then they'd understand a little more why i've stopped all Borg activities. Ever since I informed my father about the lies she told the elders and how the elders handled it, he isn't questioning me about meeting attendance as much anymore.

  • unbeliever

    Send her a certified registered letter to cease and desist all harassment or face the legal consequences. Better yet go to a lawyer and have it sent on the law firm letter head. That will show how serious you are. Make sure and document the phone calls in the letter. No one should have to put up with that shit.

  • JK666


    Aren't you glad that you didn't marry this little slice of heaven?!

    If she is moving on with her life, why does she keep bothering you? Tell her to move on and leave you alone. Maybe go to the elders yourself about her harrassment, and tell them that if she doesn't stop you will seek a restraining order. They would probably order her to leave you alone.

    You have got a lot better things ahead of you, young man! Being nice doesn't work with a "sick chick." You don't need her meddling, screwing up your fade.


  • Scully
    Aren't you glad that you didn't marry this little slice of heaven?!

    What he said. And I would SOOOOO let her know it. But that's just me.

  • unique1

    I would call your service provider and see if there is a way to block her number. Crazy. Hope it all sorts itself out soon.

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