I Believe She's Trying to Get me Disfellowshipped!

by R.F. 47 Replies latest jw experiences

  • JK666

    Just another thought, R.F.:

    Let this harrassment "stumble" you! You can use it to accelerate your fade!


  • R.F.
    Send her a certified registered letter to cease and desist all harassment or face the legal consequences. Better yet go to a lawyer and have it sent on the law firm letter head. That will show how serious you are. Make sure and document the phone calls in the letter. No one should have to put up with that shit.

    This is sounding like a great idea to me. I'll keep that in mind.

    Aren't you glad that you didn't marry this little slice of heaven?!

    If she is moving on with her life, why does she keep bothering you? Tell her to move on and leave you alone. Maybe go to the elders yourself about her harrassment, and tell them that if she doesn't stop you will seek a restraining order. They would probably order her to leave you alone.

    You have got a lot better things ahead of you, young man! Being nice doesn't work with a "sick chick." You don't need her meddling, screwing up your fade.

    I can't even explain the happiness I have by the fact that I didn't marry her. I dodged a bullet. I don't think she's moved on. I'm starting to wonder if she knows how.

  • sweetface2233

    She better back off! You're MY fiance now and I'll let her know

    Don't worry, hon...I'll still marry you if you get DF'd.

  • snowbird

    Tell her you are going to the police if the harassment doesn't stop. If she continues to call, make sure you document each and every call, then sign a warrant for her arrest for harassing communications. It is only a misdemeanor, true, but that might jolt her to her senses. You shouldn't have to put up with her craziness.

    She's only behaving this way because you are moving on with your life. She can sense the positive change in you, and she doesn't like it. Little heifer!!!


  • JeffT

    She sounds crazy to me. The first thing is all the messages saying she's moving on. OK, so why isn't she? If she was really moving on, she'd stop calling.

    I don't know where you live, but most places a restraining order is easy to get; the law generally takes the position that you have a right to be left alone. I agree with the suggestion above that this could be a good tool in your fade. Let the elders know that you had to get the restraining order. Tell them you were stumbled. It might close off a lot of inquiry into your affairs.

  • R.F.

    A restraining order is sounding good right now.

    She's only behaving this way because you are moving on with your life. She can sense the positive change in you, and she doesn't like it.

    I think she wants me to be miserable. I guess it also helps her feel better to keep reminding me that her life is so great without me now, when the truth is, it's really going down the crapper.

  • purplesofa


    She will not stop till she feels vindicated.

    She has been distracted with getting settled in her own place and other nonsense she has been up to.

    She will not get it in her head that it is over, just simply cuz its over. That no one had to do anything wrong. It just did not work out. Thats why people date and get engaged and go through this process before marriage to find out if indeed it is something that you want to do for the rest of your life.

    I would confront her about feeling harrassed now. But most likely she will escalate the situation. She is still full of drama and sooooo dramatic.

    She IS dangerious so be careful, even filing harrassment could make things worse.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Just hang up on her and when the elders call ask them to come over right away so you can explain everything. C'mon. You have to just plain ignore the wacko unless she shows up at your door. ...and again, hang up. W.Once

  • mrsjones5
    She IS dangerious so be careful,

    I agree. Never never never be in a position to be along with this person. Make no contact with her other than in a legal form (someone serving her court papers). Block her phone number and don't relay any messages to her by a third party. Pretend she doesn't exist and take legal action when she tries to intrude and harass you.


  • sweetface2233

    Now, in all seriousness, she isn't moving on and she wants you to feel terrible. Don't feed into it. Ignore her calls. If you feel that you need to file suit against her, be sure to contact your service provider for a log of all incoming calls. Then you will have some documentation for your files. Just be careful. Jealousy and rejection can make people do very strange things, things of which they never thought they were capable.

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