Watchtower's Secret Agenda

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  • Seeker
    Especially if you take into consideration their strange subliminal artwork they put in their publications throughout the years.

    Funny, but the kind of person who ignores all the anti-Masonic evidence for Russell is often the same kind of person who sees subliminal images and assumes they were deliberate.

    I don't know about either one. But I've yet to see any convincing evidence that Russell was an actual Mason, and I've yet to see any convincing evidence that the artists are deliberately inserting hidden images. Yet I know all about deception from the WTS. Seems as if some folks think on a certain wavelength that lets them accept things as definite when there remains much doubt about it.

  • rem


    I totally agree. Unfortunately, crap like this only helps to taint the credibility of all apostates in the eyes of witnesses since they group all apostates together.

    They see some outrageous claims like this and figure that all the rest must be silly crap as well. Sad.


  • cyrano

    I hardly think this is 'silly crap'

    I have read the book 'Jehovah's Witnesses and the Hour of Darkness' which shows many good examples of Watchtower subliminal images, most of them are striking. Several Art and imaging experts have verified them.

    If you have seen these images and think they are nothing more than coincidences than I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Otherwise I suggest you investigate those images first.

    Those subliminal images do exist and were carefully put in the pictures so as not to be easily spotted. It wouldn't be subliminal otherwise.

    for some examples check ot the Watchtower Observers site below:


  • NikL

    I am somewhat surprised about the tone of some of the responces on this thread. I mean so maybe there is no definate proof about a masonic connection. Someone here speculates about it and all of a sudden they are dealing with "silly nonesence" and "spoiling things for all self respecting apostates".
    I don't see how speculating about a masonic connection in Russells past can hurt apostates anymore than speculation on why the WTS does any of the things it does. What gives? Why all the anger?

  • siegswife

    I am the walrus...coo coo cachoo...

  • logical


    I totally agree with you. I am convinced the WTS are in league with Masonic and Illuminati activities.

    There are too many similarities between doctrines and goals.

    The freemasons / illuminati leave their mark in everything they are involved with. Like the Star Trek movies, any movie with Patrick Stewart in it, companies like AOL, BT, NBC etc. They have left their mark well and truly within the Watch Tower.

    We are best off away from that blasphemous tower of deception and lies.

    The subliminal images are REAL. Anyone who sees them and puts it down to light, resizing whatever is either stupid, brainwashed or in DENIAL.

  • chasson
    1. Putting a Pagan Sun Disc Symbol on religous literature considered to be from 'God's only channel' is quite different than some car company using it.

    is putting a pagan symbol in the Bible prove that Bible is pagan ?
    (Malakia 4:2)

    2. The very fact that Russell even used Masonic symbols on his Watchtower suggest he had some affiliation. You don't just say 'Gee what art will I put on God's Literature today'. He had to think about it.

    Winged sun disc was a bible, a persian, an egyptian symbol, why not a russellite's symbol too.
    Are the jews, the persian, the egyptian and the russelites all freemason ?

    Cross and crown was a lutherian, an adventist, a catholic, a knight templar symbol, why not a russelites's symbol too.
    Are the lutherian, the adventist, the catholic, the knight templar and the bible's student all freemason ?

    Pyramid was not a symbol for russell, it was a calculation's system, and pyramid is not a major symbol of freemasonry. the pyramidology of Russell came from adventism and not from occultism or freemasonry.

    3. Russell preached figuratively using Masonry terms to appeal to Masons. Why, to join his organization.

    And when he said "brother" to the catholics, presbyterian, etc was he a catholic or a presbyterian ? Have you never read the statement of Paul who said that he was greek for a greek and jews for a jews ? Is it so difficult to understand that ?



  • Dino

    Skally, you go girl! I love the way you stick to your guns. I'm like Bill Maher on the TV show "Politically Incorrect", who hates someone who doesnt firmly stick to their opinion. I hope your quest is successful.
    Seeker, I enjoy your viewpoint as well.Your posts are well thought out. I agree that some of those famous subliminals are a stretch. I will say this though, back in the mid-80's, my wife and I were looking at the seductive lady on page 244 of the Live Forever book, I was joking to my wife that it looked like the man was going to score that night, when we noticed the aries plague on the table behind her. I remember thinking, why put that in there?
    MadApostate, the society has mentioned freemasonry less than 10 times in the last 54 years. What a bold and stinging expose of the Masons! LOL. That is one subject they danced around for years. Dont you think that with all of their bibliographical resources they could at least address Russell's use of those symbols? He full well knew what they meant and the message that it would send to the initiated. They are clearly scared to death of the subject! Even their article on secret societies (June 1, 1997 WT) would have been a perfect time to talk about Freemasonry. Dont get me wrong, I'm not dogmatic about Russell being a Mason-I'll keep my feelings to myself on that one. BTW, dont you think you are needlessly abusve of another's opinion? Man, I'd hate to be your wife if you do that at home! Dino

  • chasson
    There are too many similarities between doctrines and goals.

    And what are the doctrines and goals of freemasonry ? Please a documented answer not simple assertion.



  • chasson
    He full well knew what they meant and the message that it would send to the initiated.

    And what was the message ?



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