Longtime JWD posters/professional lurkers with low post counts

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  • changeling

    low post count sounds like low sperm count

    Just an observation, there's no relation betwen the two, I'm sure.

    Just rambling.

    Racking up those posts.

    Tryng to out post nvr.


  • Leolaia

    It's interesting tho that some of those low-post long-time posters are very memorable that it can be surprising to realize they have posted less than they seem to have.

  • minimus

    I'm kind of a virgin here.

  • RHodge6685


    I've been a member for 2 years and only have 22 posts! I'm just quiet by nature, and don't get on the site as frequently as I used to, but enjoy reading posts when I have the time.

  • trevor

    Like many other old timers here, we run out of things to say and the emotion that initially drove us diminishes with time. Also the board is much bigger than before and there is far more competition for attention.

    I have only started one thread in about 3 years, preferring to make an occasional comment on other peoples threads when I am bored, grumpy of actually interested in the subject. If there were few threads being started and I felt there was a need for my input, then I would start some but this board, like the world at large, can get along happily without me.

    I have no need to shout to be heard but just pop in now and then and do not try to play with the big boys so much now (or the girls!)

    The number of threads we start can say something about our personality. I have never been a leader but someone who is happy to join in and merge rather than stand out too much. Big thread starters are often on the other end of the spectrum. We all play our part in the way that suits us individually.

    I expect those of you who read this will find it strikes a cord in you and you will be aware where you fit in to scrum of things?

  • nvrgnbk

    Tryng to out post nvr.

    Bring it, changeling!

    I love all of you. If it weren't for JWD, I'd be dead or in an asylum. The asylum may still be in my future. But the dead part is less and less attractive all the time. LOL!

  • tinker

    I agree with many of the other long time users / few time posters I have learned so much from this board and send a huge Thank You out to all of you for your support through my darkest days of fading away from the troof. I do believe I was depressed for many many years because I was fighting the need to leave. Once I found you all, my mind began to calm and understand I was not alone. You have become my friends although it is one sided because I am quiet by nature. Once in awhile I do pipe in with a little something but by the time I post, often the thread is about dead. I am very often late to the party, so to speak.

    I am working on opening up and adding my voice more often. In the meantime Thank You for showing interest in we of the Low Post Count Group

  • changeling



  • Leolaia
    The number of threads we start can say something about our personality.

    I only very rarely start threads. I like commenting on others more. i seem to mostly start threads when I want to post a big research essay.

  • erandir

    And then there's me I just ramble on and on on anybody's thread and rack up posts.


    Nothing wrong with that, Changeling

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