Longtime JWD posters/professional lurkers with low post counts

by Black Man 84 Replies latest jw friends

  • Effervescent


    I call myself an "active lurker". I rarely feel as if I have anything constructive to add to any conversation and often feel forgettable. But that's ok... I receive so much just by reading.

  • ns7

    Well hello there I will throw my hat in the ring....

  • anglise

    Yep I fall into that category as well.

    I find that most times someone else has already posted near enough to what I would say and so I just read on!

    Also am often reading at work so time is lacking to respond properly.


  • lisavegas420

    This thead was wonderful...thank you for starting it.

    Hello all you peoples.

    I've thought about this often over the years..how many people read and never posts a thing.


  • wednesday

    I found this board in 2002, with the advent of Silentlambs. I was most active until 2003. Then the board went through several major "fallouts" . Mostly due to runaway political discussion. I left for while and posted on other non jws related broads, but always check in from time to time. I find that sometime I need to come back and visit this board, then I will be gone for months. It has been and continues to be a great experience , "fallouts" and all.

    I changed my longtime avatar of a a child's pinwheel to something more fitting of how I feel now.

  • TheListener

    To all those lower poster longtime JWD members - it's nice to know you're there and doing well.

    Restrangled, i am so sorry about your loss. All we have left when someone passes away are our memories. I truly feel for you and regret that your mother destroyed precious memories.

    I love this board. It has become like a family to me. Unfortunately because I am in the process of fading I can never truly get involved. I know I've made some of the best friends I'll ever have on this board.

    thank you all - high count posters and low count posters.

  • greendawn
    I'll never know if he posted on either because my mother had his computer destroyed by a Ministerial Servant, and then the entire machine was thrown out.

    We can talk about cultic mind conditioning they probably thought that the PC was demonised by containing the much hated apostate material. If they had any sense they would have cleared the hard disc and reused the computer.

    Or perhaps even that wouldn't clear out the demons. How infantile.

  • DocBob

    I've been here a while but don't post a lot. I generally post only when I have something to say that someone else hasn't already said.

  • caballoSentado

    Me, me, me!
    Caballo Sentado

  • WTWizard

    Several good reasons for this to happen. First, one might join, put about ten posts up, say what they want to say, and then just abandon the forum for all intents and purposes. They still read it, and still may post once every few months. The important aspect is that such people are still getting value from it, and may be spreading it among close members of the household.

    Another thing that can result in this is someone posting about 10 or 15 posts, and then Brother Hounder busts them. They don't want to get disfellowshipped since it would create major hardship. So they have to quit posting for a long time, until they are ready to leave the Tower. Brother Hounder is likely to keep close watch on such ones, keeping them busy in the misery. Some might even get recaptured if the hounders feel that they have negative loss from getting disfellowshipped and would be hurt more by getting recaptured than disfellowshipped. Invariably, when such happens, the hounders are likely to keep close watch on them to make sure they never have the opportunity to post again. Unfortunately, once the Kool-Aid edition of the Puketower becomes established, they might just start doing that more regularly.

    Other things that get in the way of regular posting include computer problems (yes, they do break or get stolen), loss of Internet service for whatever reason, getting too busy on other things including secular work, change of circumstance (it would be quite hard for a single guy who has always had trouble finding a mate to continue posting 1,500 a month if suddenly the ladies found such person attractive), and just losing interest for a while. Then there are the people that naturally only post once or twice a month. I have seen that the majority of members actually post fewer than 100 per year, on any forum.

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