Do we have an idiot running the United States?

by jaguarbass 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • jaguarbass

    How can this be?

    Is it possible that this guy doesnt know that Bin Laden is in Afghanistan?

  • mkr32208

    I didn't watch it but I'm just gonna ask how do YOU know that bin laden is there?

    Maybe bush knows that he's in Saudi Arabia?

    As to bush being an idiot. He's not. He's a stubborn self righteous jack ass but he's no dummy.

  • IsaacJS2

    My personal theory is that he is an idiot as well as a stubborn, self righteous jackass. He's incompetent, just like a lot of supervisors I have known. People like him surround themselves with others who are equally incompetent. Hiring better people means exposing himself to the fact that he's useless day after day, year after year, so it's easier to surround himself with yes-men who are merely his equals. He's too insecure to put people who are truly more able in positions of power because he'll know that this person should probably have his job. He can't deal with that. Too bad.

    He is guilty of one of the worst evils--the evil of small mindedness. The cumulative effect of this evil is far greater than it might at first appear.

    Can't wait to see who they foist on us next.


  • RollerDave

    doesn't this belong under politics?

    Just saying is all...


  • needproof

    Of course Bush is an idiot.

  • jaguarbass

    Mkr, like you said, you didnt watch it.

  • Satanus

    Oww. I can't even watch the whole thing.


  • Gill

    Sadly for the whole world, it would seem to be so!

    Talk about the blind leading the blind!

  • TheCoolerKing
    Of course Bush is an idiot.

    Amen to that brother!!!

  • Mary
    Do we have an idiot running the United States?

    That's like asking if there was a Nazi running Germany in the 1930s.


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