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  • outsider_looking_in

    some statistics for you nyc_gal,
    october 7 2001
    new topics posted on all forums:
    Witness Online - 27
    GreatCrowd - 22
    Jehovahs Witness.Com - 67
    now where would you rather go for information and discussion!

  • jayhawk1

    Hi Sixofnine,
    I live near Wichita, but thanks for asking.

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • barry

    Get rid of that flag and then no one will ever know. Anyone with more sugestions on how we can remain in the fold please post them without dellay. It wouldnt be nice to stumble the brothers [or sistas].

  • ladonna

    Now NYC_GAL, that's why I was such a sweet innocent liddle thang before I came on this here site????

    Well I neverr..........theys gone an' fair corrupted me, they has!!

    Just to thank that I had to leave WOL because theys all baaaad apostates.

    Thankya Honey

  • biblexaminer

    So good JW's wouldn't have the flag.....?

    Do you think they would have the flag at an assembly?

    How about a special meeting?

    Turn on your tele tube today and watch the Lions game at the Pontiac Silverdome. Look up at the roof. There's a GREAT BIG US FLAG just a hang-hang-hangin there. AND IT WAS THERE YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS THERE FOR THE GB BULLSHIT SPOUTING PARTY and Sam Herd gave all his good words to us UNDERNEATH that great BIG flag.

    Read your Bible missy.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Welcome NYC Gal,

    One reason the witnesses you are studying with are doing so because you accepted their offer to ``answer your Bible questions.''
    THIS IS THE TIME TO ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS; they have to at least try deal with them seriously. Once you're baptised, your opportunity to question any of their doctrines will get you shunned. The door to intellectual freedom will slam shut. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

  • lydia


    Welcome. please keep asking all of the questions of the WTBS that you can. We here are trying to get our lives back, and to help our fellow "Brothers & Sisters" to do the same. Its hard to get back out, so my advice to you is BE VERY CAREFUL !!!

    Question everything and don't just take their answers for the only ones..ask us here!!

    Congrats!!!! Welcome home to life in the real world!!
    Love to all

  • Steven

    Hi Anglise,

    Thank you for your comments.

    We have been very fortunate regarding our family so far. My brother-in-law used to study with me but never got baptized & had his doubts anyway while he was studying.

    The only other family member who is a JW is my mother-in-law & she is convinced that it is still ok to talk to my wife & I as long as we don't talk about religion - obviously this is fine with us - I think she has had some "personal new light" on this one & that is great!

    As for my father-in-law he is not a JW but for some reason seems to have given my wife & I a bad time about this a bit - especially my wife. However he is like that with everything so we will get over it.

    As regards my parents they seem very happy since they respected our position but hoped that one day we would "see the light" - not old or new in this case! I guess they are just happy we are out of it all.

    We do feel ever so sorry for people who have really bad problems with their families - it seems so harsh to cause trouble between families when this is obviously a difficult time for them all anyway.

    To answer your other question; we live near Northampton.

    Take care,


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