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  • Thirdson

    I see no flag!

    What I see is a tribal division.

    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • waiting

    Howdy - and thanks for the chuckle, NYC gal,

    Honestly, if you're studying with Jehovah's Witnesses, there are things which are just kinda glazed over quickly. For instance:

    BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS - the jw doctrine is changing, due primarily to the use of blood components and being sued a lot. When you study (I believe the 3 paragraphs in the blue book) about this issue, do you ****own**** research, here and in books in the library.

    VOTING - changing also, depending where you live and what the jw's have agreed to with the governments.

    The IMAGE OF THE WILD BEAST OF REVELATION aka UNITED NATIONS - changing also as we are discussing. Just read any of the threads and call the United Nations if you're really out to find The Truth.

    In other words ---- Jehovah's Witnesses are not bad people - but they don't tell you that you can never walk away and keep your family, if they're jw's also. They don't tell you that you can never change your mind, or question outloud about things you continue to study about. It's called "progressive truths" --- things you learn about AFTER your 6-month free home bible study. Things you're supposed to learn about by coming to the meetings.

    BE CAREFUL Read everything you can - pro & con - BEFORE you consider baptism. You can never walk away without major consequences to your life and family. Trust me - we know that.

    Nice to meet you. Oh! And there are some excellent threads about the Bible, United Nations, Jokes (mostly *clean*) going on. Just pick and chose, ok?


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    Yopu could be right.......but... I've been on the official one.......and there was no chatroom and you could not discuss anything. So I think this one is better. You can do more stuff here.

    (More Stuff Class)

  • Dogpatch

    from the REAL Watchtower website:-))

    #23 Letter from Home:
    Leroy's Great Dream
    Dear Randy,

    LeRoy had a dream and he wonders what it means. He asked me to tell it to you and see if you knew. He's falling, falling, and when he wakes up he's in a seat in a Kingdom Hall somewhere, but he doesn't know where. The brothers are all wearing double breasted IBM business suits and the sisters are all wearing nylons and skirts that just touch the floor when they kneel. The babies are all awake listening to the speaker whose talk is closely following the societies outline. The boy children are all wearing small business suits and polished shoes with matching socks. Their fingernails are clean.

    The girl children all are wearing white dresses and keep their eyes down. When a question is asked at the Watchtower study every single person in the Hall raises their hand, even the babies. Everyone who is called on to answer, paraphrases the answer in their own words with the idea directly from the Watchtower paragraph. During the entire meeting, which lasted three hours, no one got up to go to the restroom or get a drink. After the meeting everyone there lined up at the literature counter and picked up their magazine orders of thirty-six copies of each issue and then lined up at the contribution boxes to contribute two dollars per copy as an unrelated donation to the preaching work. After the donations were made everybody was smiling and talking to each other. No one has ever been disfellowshipped from this congregation because everybody simply accepts what is taught from the platform and in the literature. No one ever questions the Society or the elders.

    When they left the Hall, everybody was driving clean new Buick four door sedans with Watchtowers taped to the lower left side of the back windows. They all live in ranch style government tract houses, get food stamps, have part time cleaning or painting businesses and pioneer full time. No one goes to college. The children are all home schooled or attend a public school where the teachers are all in the truth. The children don't talk to anyone not in the truth and don't take part in any after school sports. The mothers don't read romance novels or gossip.

    Every day every family considers the day's text and reads the Watchtower comments about it. No one has any pets in the house or cooks with aluminum pans. No one has television and those with home computers do not access the Internet and only use the Watchtower CD for preparing talks. At bed time the children all go to their clean self made beds and sleep all night. The parents sleep together and pray before they have missionary sex and then they pray again after they have missionary sex. All fathers are elders.

    We all think the doctors should change LeRoy's medicine. What do you think?


    PS: After this dream LeRoy just sits in his chair and rocks and blows spit bubbles.

  • Englishman


    Ah, yes, the Organisation. Hm, can't seem to find any reference to an organisation in my Bible, silly me!


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • eby

    Another official site


  • SixofNine

    Welcome to the forum Nyc-gal. You have a lot of research to do that real witnesses won't help you with, because it leads away from their unresearched little mind controlled world. They have been told in no uncertain terms not to do any real research. Wonder why? Nyc-gal, you better do it now.

    Welcome to the real life, Steven. One day out!! that is exciting! And your wife with you?

    Mark this day, my freind, it just gets better the further removed from this worthless, cunning religion you get. (all religion for that matter).

  • Escargot

    If you do anything, read Ray Franz' two books first!

    Erasmus (1520 AD): "If we want truth, every person ought to be free to speak what they think without fear."

  • WildHorses

    Nyc gal,

    I just noticed that you joined this forum back in January. Did you not notice then that this was not a offical site? Just wondering.......


  • riz

    I'm not a smart man, but I know what an Official JW Site is

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