I've given up.

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  • Abandoned

    I can't take any more of this financial blackmail that these heartless creditors are doing against me. I really can't. Every time I find a way to get by on my new circumstances, I recieve a new surprise in the mail or in some fashion. This time it was my bank account. The company not only took every cent I had out of it, they charged an additional 75.00 for their fee so I can't even close the account without paying that. Plus, I now have four checks that are going to bounce and then I'll owe 25.00 more to the bank for each of those and an additional 25.00 to each of the places I just paid.

    So, I'm working sixty hours a week and that's not even going to be enough. I'm out of solutions and I'm sick of looking for them. I can't file for bancruptcy because no lawyer will take me on without the fee up front and not even the three hudnred and sixty six dollars I had in my checking account is safe.

    You want to know what the best part is though? Here, I'll tell you. Since I can't maintain a valid bank account anymore, I can't self-publish my book through lulu.com since I need to tie it to a bank account to get it to work. My mom offered to let me use hers, but then that would just create a link between me and her account and they'd come after her. So, I'm screwed again.

    All of my problems today are rooted in the same place. Jehovah's hellspawened Witnesses. I have had nothing but trouble from the second I accepted that stupid bible study with those self-righteous assholes. I have lost everything I value: friends, wives, jobs, belongings, cars, money, time, respect, credibility, and half of my sanity (or more) from having dealings with that horrid organization and I still can't even break even today. I have to fight and fight so I can just sink slower.

    Anyway, I told my mom tonight that I"m leaving in a month. I'm going to give a two-week notice to each of my jobs tomorrow and I'm going to go away. I'm not sure where, but somewhere where my fucking creditors can't find me. I've always wanted to see europe and since I can't keep myself above water anyway, I might as well go there now. So, I'm going to use my final three or four paychecks (I can't remember how many I have coming) to get a ticket somewhere.

    So what you see before you is a converted optimist. I've seen the light. Hope, wishing, faith, and doing your best are all a bunch of cute ideas that make hollywood movies give us the warm and fuzzies, but don't mean shit in real life.

  • J-ex-W

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Abandoned ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I'm sending you a PM.

  • winnie

    Why do you need a lawyer to declare yourself bankrupt? Can't you do it yourself? (Forgive me if I am ignorant, but I know you can do it yourself here in australia).

    Have a good holiday and enjoy yourself! Sounds like you need it!

  • averyniceguy

    You should try to get help from www.cccsstl.org I have gotten help from them in the past! Good Luck!

  • AuntieJane

    I'd be totally depressed about this too. But check into bankruptcy. Dont quit your jobs.

    You can't run away and believe me it costs a lot more to live in a foreign country than it does

    here. I know it must sound good but you have to be realistic and talk to someone who can

    help you see a real plan to get ahead. There are financial consultants all over who can help.

    Don't fall for someone who will take a humongous percentage; I'm sure there are good ones out

    there. I have never had to use one myself but would caution you to be careful.

    Good luck,



    Abbandoned..Why do you think the "Jehovah`s Witness`s",are the heart of your financial troubles?...OUTLAW

  • UnConfused

    Hey big guy. All I can say is that I'm sorry and wished I could help, send a big check. Take care.

  • helncon

    oh abs.....((((((((((((((((((((((abandoned))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Is running away really the answer?

    I'm not sure what help they have in the states and not sure of the full extent of your delemia.

    But i'm sure you can work out some kind of payment plans with all who you owe money too, ask for help even if is really the last thing you want to do.

    I hope it all work out for you


  • Highlander

    No one can take money from your mom's bank account. As long as it's not her debt, such as being your co-signer, then she's untouchable.

    Keep your bank account in limbo. As long as it has a negative balance, no creditors can take from it.

    From now on, cash your pay checks at the bank they are issued from. You'll most likely have to pay a fee to do this, but at least you'll be operating on a cash only basis.

    If you have utilities or accounts that require automatic payment each month, then go and open up a prepaid credit card for those accounts to draw the monthly payment from.

    It's quite easy to operate with cash only and that will keep the creditors at bay. Doing all of this will leave only the IRS that can still chase you down, however I believe you mentioned

    previously that they want a payment of around 500 a month? If so, that's affordable since you'll be ignoring all your other debts for the time being.

  • Robdar

    I understand your desire to get away from it all; however, have you considered taking those last 3 or 4 checks and filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    You can make partial payment on the costs of the attorney and then make payment installments on his bill through your chapter 13 plan. Once you file, you will receive "automatic stay" and your creditors cannot bother you, repossess your car or foreclose on your house. Unless, of course, you do not follow the plan that the trustee and your attorney will work out for you.

    You should check it out. It might set you free from a good portion of your worries.

    BTW, I work for a bankruptcy attorney.

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