What do you think is behind the watchtower change in 2008 ?

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  • dedpoet

    I think it's mainly money, which seems to be behind most of the cutbacks these days anyway

    There's also the aspect of control, which a lot of the wt study articles seem to be about these days. Most if not all of them must be almost meaningless to the general public, and are tools the org use to keep the faithful indoctrinated. I hate to think what the study articles in the non public wt will be like once this arrangement kicks in.

  • funkyderek

    A few things:

    1. Money - by not offering the second Watchtower to the public, they can save huge amounts in printing costs.

    2. Compatibility with Awake. It must have been difficult to offer a second Watchtower without an Awake to get people interested; much easier now that there's a one-to-one correspondence again

    3. Embarrassment. The Watchtower study articles are sometimes so wacky as to embarrass even JWs, especially when presenting them to members of the public. Much better to stick all the more ludicrous stuff in a members-only version.

    4. Repositioning - Awake has already been revamped; making a snazzy new Watchtower might boost consumer interest for a while (although I'm not sure they care so much about that).

    I think some or all of the above are the reasons, and there are also likely to be ancillary benefits. For example, JWs always get excited when there are new releases or structural changes. Somehow, it means the end is nearer - but then doesn't everything?

  • Junction-Guy

    Here is a one word answer, Sgo----Deceit

  • lawrence


  • zack

    I agree that money is NUMBER 1

    Information control is NUMBER 2

  • blondie

    I would think that df'd people who are attending the meetings on a fairly regular basis will still be able to get the study copies of the WT as well as the study copies of the book being study at the congregation book groups just as they do now from the PO or through his designee. The KM is given just to those who go in the d2d which df'd people are not allowed to do.



    It has taken 16 years to get here since they stopped charging a specific price for the publications to the rank and file. It never mattered whether non-JWs paid or not. The WTS had their money before the publications left the KH. I think the WTS was expecting the rank and file to donate the same amount of money anonymously to the contribution boxes. But I have known how cheap JWs can be. If there is no public accounting of individual payment, they figure "who will know." My husband and other account servants I have known said that very few JWs ever donated. It was usually a core group of 8 to 10 people who donated what covered the KH expenses and the mortgage if they had one. When the mortgage was paid off, donations took a big drop.

    It's the money, folks.

    I agree 100%. The 8-10 core donators is also 100% accurate as well as I was accounts servant for 5 yrs. They used to get paid twice sometimes for the literature prior to 1990....once when the JW picked it up then again if the householder donated for it.

  • Cindi_67

    I have another question. How and when was said that also the KM was going to be eliminated. How are they planning on teaching new ones how to "preach". Not that it makes any difference, since most of the people I know have been in the "truth" for many, many years and still don't know how to talk to people, unless they have memorized every single word of the KM's suggestions for presenting the magazines, but I'm still curious.

  • blondie

    As far as I know, it is only in the realm of someone's speculation that the KM is going to be eliminated. Nothing has been said officially or unofficially in the WTS. The KM has changed its name from time to time and its format, but such a document has existed for 70 years.


  • pierogi

    Blondie, maybe if they get rid of the KM they'll get rid of the service meeting and the school with those made up situations! No, that would never happen.

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