df'd and having doubts..JC knows

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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Your at a crossroad in your life - try to make an informed choice as to which direction you go from here.

    CS 101

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Caine,

    Welcome to the forum. You will make many new friends here that completely understand where you are coming from!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Threestars,

    WELCOME to you too!!

    Enjoyed your post!


    Lady Liberty

  • lost_light06

    Caine, you are me one year ago. I had a problem with the "no beard" thing too. It brought me to this site and others. Now the "no beard" thing is the least of my problems with the org. I too was spoon-fed the religion all my life, knew nothing else. I'm still learning how to live my life as a non-JW, it's a long road but the progress gets faster and faster as you go.

    As far as the JC knowing you have doubts, every JC is different. I went through a JC about 3 months ago. I wasn't DF'd, only publicly reproved, but they knew I had doubts. I played their game, feigned remorse. When asked I told them I wanted them to "help me". I've never been back, I don't answer the phone when the elders call to offer their "help". My advice: when you ask to be reinstated imply that you want their help to overcome your doubts but DON'T COMMIT TO ANYTHING. By this I mean, don't commit to any arrangements for a study, just make them think you want their help. Then walk away.

    Welcome to the board, stick around, you'll learn a lot..... I know I did.

    ~ LL06

  • I Know what I like, and I like what I know
    I Know what I like, and I like what I know

    I am fading for the last 2 years. I learned that people outside the borg are just as good as inside. I have few friends both JG and non-JG. I have to say that my JG friends are also questioning the whole thing. ( So I don't know if I am bad company for them or if they are bad company for me ). Reading the comments on this forum, has helped me a lot.

    I have brains, why follow otherone's?

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear I KNOW,

    WELCOME to the forum, we will be looking forward to hearing from you too!


    Lady Liberty

  • Numinous

    One of the best books out there that helped me was Steven Hassan's Combating Cult Mind Control. The beautiful part, to me, was the fact that he never once mentioned Witnesses. You would think that that would be a point for the Borg, but no, as a simple read through would make the most devout believer understand way deep in their gut the simularities the organization has with other known cults. Saying your not a cult apparently is a great way to get people to think you aren't in one. Here are some things he mentions:

    The doctrines leave no room for interpretation. It's the TRUTH, perfect and absolute. Any flaw in it is your fault.

    We are good, the rest of the world is evil. We are the chosen elite

    Thinking of oneself or for oneself is wrong. The group comes first and absolute obedience to superiors is a main theme.

    Love is unconditional and unlimited at first, then, as time passes, love depends on good performance. When someone does leave, that love turns to anger, hatred, and ridicule.

    Problems are always your fault, and fear is your main motivator.

    The leader is constantly shifting the time-table. Armegeddon is just around the corner.

    There is never a legitimate reason for leaving. You are either weak, insane, brainwashed, and if you do leave, terrible consequences will follow.

    This is from a man who studied cults. If it walks like a duck...

  • jaguarbass

    also, im just having doubts...i mean i can agree with the lifestyle except for the whole no beard thing...i guess im just confused. ive been spoonfed this all my life. dont even know how to not think like a jw Did you ever see the movie,"What about Bob" Bill Murray, Richard Dryfus? Baby steps my friend, Baby steps.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Hi Caine. Nice to meet you. I'm another one like you and Lost_light that questioned their beardophobia. That was in the early seventies. Everyone keep telling me just to go along with the organization and they would change in time. I got tired of waiting so I grew one trying to force change. Well a few years later when I left for good they were still beardophobes and still are to this day. Point being you can't teach an old pharisee new tricks. Anyway once I started examining the Watchtower I found the beard issue to be one of their least stupid ideas. While you are out spend some time here and learn more about the real Watchtower.

  • Caine


    how did they catch up with you after ten years and df you? ive never heard of that?

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