What Religion Are You?

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  • Balsam

    In reading various replies it struck me that fundamentlist type religion can turn out more atheist than any other way. When a person awakes from a cult like religion it literally makes them turn against anything spiritual for a while. I know it did it to me too. Its been 6 years now for me being out and I attend a liberal Presbyterian Church. But honestly I go more for the friends I've made than I have for the spiritual content.

    Gnostic is how I would classify my spirituality these days. But as I know all to well I've been going through many changes over the past 6 years and this may be one of just many to come. I know for a certain I'd never have anything to do with any kind of fundamentalist religion that tried to tell me what I had to believe.


  • R.A.W.

    Choosing life- did you get the message I sent you a couple days ago?

    At the house church I go to, the guy who lives there, in a way takes the lead, but he always tries to really get other people involved. So that they are talking as much as he is. There's no doctrine taught. I don't feel like I am in a religion there, but they do refer to themselves as a very simple name, which I don't agree with. It's just open worship. It's Jesus centered. It's really not the place to go for arguing or debate because it's supposed to be worship. So if you have a possibly argumentative topic, it would be better to talk about it at a theology type meetup with them. They do that sometimes at a restaurant. Or maybe either after the worship or by email or phone. And even then, they aren't going to argue with anyone, but discuss everyone's thoughts.

  • brunnhilde

    I'm fading so its hard to visit anything without being turned in for apostasy, but we're talking about visiting a UU about 45 mins away. I find it hard to even consider everything. I was so brainwashed into dismissing any other beliefs it tends to get in the way. I want to find SOME kind of spirituality, but I'm so gunshy of being suckered again I can't seem to let my guard down. I'm taking a class on Sacred Texts and Cultures around the world and trying to keep an open mind.

  • choosing life
    choosing life


    No I didn't get any messages and have sent some to you also. Don't know why they are'nt going through.

  • kid-A

    Atheist, but I have recently joined the Reformed Church of Spongebob...

    I encourage all of you to examine our faith and teachings....


  • Wafe

    Currently I consider myself a christian and that is it. I feel the same way about religion after my situation with being a JW. Mind you I still love God but I don't think I could ever love religion again.

  • avishai

    Discordian subgenius with a strong leaning towards the flying spaghetti monster.


  • fullofdoubtnow
    A Church you can enjoy in your own home - no special building to go to.

    Thanks Kid-A, I rather like the idea of the Reformed Church of Spongebob. If I ever feel the urge to join a church, they would definitely be high on my list

  • R.A.W.

    choosing life, I just got your pm and sent you one back. Let me know if you do/don't get it.

  • Honesty


    I am a member of a Baptist church.

    Contrary to Witchtower teaching, One faith means faith in Jesus' blood that He shed for personal sins on the cross.

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