What Religion Are You?

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Atheist, but I have recently joined the Reformed Church of Spongebob...

    I encourage all of you to examine our faith and teachings....


  • choosing life
    choosing life


    Can't seem to get the message system to work on here.

  • gumb

    None. Although Hinduism holds out some appeal, as it allows for individual paths to God, without a load of rules and regulations. Important to me is how people treat each other, not what they believe.

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    I am a devout " Simpsonite " long live king Homer the all powerful and mighty one !

  • R.A.W.

    choosing life- I don't know what's wrong. I received the message you sent on the 17th and I replied. Is there some way to contact an administrator of this website to ask what's wrong?

    I see you already asked on the Technical Support forum. I'm stumped. If you have an email address, maybe you could pm me and give that to me so at least I could then email you if I need to.

  • bigwilly

    In reality I usually describe myself as an "Apothetic" don't believe in God, but not so positive as to be an atheist and basically can't be arsed to worry about it :D

  • Athanasius


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