Why Is Everything Always Wrong To A Jehovah's Witness???

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  • minimus

    When you're told how you never do enough, it gets depressing. No one wants to be set up for failure. Funny thing is when many JWs leave, they no longer need to see their doctors, therapists or meds. Hmmm.

    Kudra, I was referring to JWs.

  • lfcviking
    I had a lingerie party for a sister who was getting married

    ooooo saucy i wish i was there!

  • mia_b

    sspo wrote

    Be careful if you have people over and you're watching tv, make sure no woman in a bathing suit comes on.

    Do you quickly get up and change the channel or let it be?

    What will they think of you and your family?

    and it made me laugh cos i remember when i was little and anything my mom thought we shouldnt see came on she used to stand in front of the tv with her skirt held out so we couldn't see the screen. it was humerous even then, we used to try and get to see it and she'd stay even longer and do a silly dance or whatever in front of the tv while the rest of the family screamed at ther to move and missing even more of what we were watching. she's cool even if a little mad (ALOT of the maddness got passed to me ).

  • LongHairGal


    Of course a lingerie party wouldn't be acceptable! This should have been handled differently. You should have called it by another name. Even though this is a trivial thing, it is things just like this that made me withdraw from them long ago. I just didn't want anybody knowing my business about anything. I even refused shepherding calls because even the most seemingly mundane conversation would turn into a trap. I have no tolerance for this anymore.

    It is the principal of the thing in that MY business is NONE of theirs!


  • RubaDub

    What you are describing, min, are "unwritten rules," an extremely effective tool that abusive groups and individuals use to control individuals.


    Excellent point. And even when we discuss "conscience" areas, if a person doesn't do what is considered proper by the general consensus, then one is considered "weak" and he doesn't have a Bible-trained conscience.

    There is very little if any real "conscience" issues that are allowed in the borg.

    Rub a Dub

  • done4good
    Is it any wonder why anyone who was ever a Witness can be so deceitful??

    Nope. I came to the conclusion that jws were downright delusional a long time ago. They don't even know when they are bullshitting you.


  • Outaservice

    Hey Minimus, what ever happened to Maximus?

    Why is everything wrong? Because, like the Jews, they have an unwritten Talmud in tradition that constantly changes and the bottom line like others have said is 'Control'! Try doing something normal like mowing your yard on a Saturday morning, or owning a 2 dr. family car, or?...................insert thousands of things here....


  • minimus

    Maximus, sadly doesn't post her any longer. He was a fine poster, former DO but at that time, this place was very very anti elder or ex elder.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    When I was a JW I remember hearing about a woman in the first congregation I went to who left over an article in one of the magazines that went into why it was wrong to wear a heart as jewelry. I was told that she had said that was the straw and left. My last straw can when they were still whining about beards round about 1980 or so. I got to the point where I felt if things like that stumbled some people let them trip and fall on their face. I agree that the WT uses this more as method of control than really worrying about stumbling people.

  • 30girl

    Some of the pillars in my old Hall were so petty they would pick on the mentally handicapped behind their backs while volunteering to help out with them, like picking them up for the meeting...ooops forgot to mention, the one doing the picking was a Servant's wife, she did some galactically stupid things herself and she didn't have a legitimate excuse

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