I got punched in my eye....

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  • Sparkplug
    I think you should get a dr to look at your eye, just in case.
    I second that. That bum needs to be put in jail. What the hell? Was he on crack?

    No, but someone must have lit a whole bush of weed for as we walked out of the door, I must have had a full explosion in my nose from the smell. That is why when the police sirens were sounding, I kept going. I did not want to wind up sitting in a cell. You never know who will be arrested when people are packing heat and doing drugs. I tell you what...I still am so thankful it was a pop in the eye and not a bullet to my head. It could have been just as easy the other as freaked out as this idiot was.

  • hambeak

    Take care sparky you know we care

  • cruzanheart

    Damn, girl, you need to find a different club! Of course, what do I know, right? Cold steeped tea bags are good too (for your eye).



  • Sparkplug

    Nina~ I was thinking the same thing...I do need a different club. I don't go out all that much and this was a birthday party that I go to once a year. Everyone is in swing high suits and fedoras and the ladies dressed to the nine. I never get dressed up, let alone a backless dress and high...way high heels. I was feeling pretty as a button, and well it made me wish I had opted for combat boots and blue jeans as usual. That will teach me to do that again.

    I get the feeling my friends that went with me will not go back again. OK...they straight up said. So when I get out to party next year...I may need to call you. hehe

  • UnConfused

    Well at least this gives you some street cred.

    ...Hipster Gangster Hank and Bad LadyBird - gotcha back...

  • avishai

    Dammit, if i was there right now i'd make ya some chicken soup and then go kick some ass.

    That sucks..

    When's the fest?

  • jayhawk1
    Well at least this gives you some street cred.


    Sparkplug, come up to Kansas, we're boring here and Kansas beef is good for your eye.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?


    I hope you are OK!

    It seems like you are. So with that said... where are the pics of you in that hot little dress? YOWZA.

  • Crumpet

    I can't believe a man would hit a woman in public! have they no shame! I can understand why you didnt wait for the police but then again if I was out and was driving and not drinking I think I would wait and have it reported. After all they can breatherlyse and when they realised you were sober and these other guys werent they'd be more likely to accept your story and not arrest you - well thats what I'd hope!

    Glad you are okay and nothing worse happened but still mad that some ass hole would do that to you!

  • hambeak

    Jake here....really sorry to hear bout this..

    I am glad you are alright.You never know who will show up at these places.Glad it wasn't any worse.

    A lot of folks are 'packin' these days,and it could of been deadly.

    I love you girl and you have my best thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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