I got punched in my eye....

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  • jaguarbass
  • UnConfused

    Jesus Christ. What a brave guy. I think I'll go out right now and get plowed and pick a fight with some ladies - and I'll make sure they are in dresses and not slacks. 'Cause remember I'm brave.

    Sorry 'Plug

  • hambeak

    Sparky I am so sorry to hear about this was this downtown or lower greenville or deep ellum all are bad at night

    I am glad you are ok

    Be careful kiddo

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate


    There's a Texas jerk that needs his a** kicked.

    Are you feeling ok inside?

  • UnConfused

    PS - I think you are supposed to put a steak on it. Not sure why, but why take the chance?

  • hambeak

    btw sparky too bad jake and I weren't with you I really don't think that would have happened if we were there

    we may be of the lavender persuasion but we are still pretty butch lol

  • Abandoned


    I can't imagine hitting a girl. I can't see myself hitting a guy either, but definitely not a girl. ((((((sparkplug))))))

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    I think you should get a dr to look at your eye, just in case. What an awful experience. I am glad you got out okay; the guy should have been arrested. good luck healing! Hope your friend's okay too.

  • Sparkplug

    Hey you all crack me up. I know there are some real works of art out there. I did think about the steak thing, but they are really high priced right now. So I opted to just get sick and go to sleep. The room started spinning and the pain in my head made me woozy.

    Hambeak, I think that it would of helped having you there too, but we had TXtiger and he was far away getting the car. HE did not even see it happened it was so quick. I always laugh because he tells me stay close. I now see why. I was at a dive my friends run out in Farmersville. That should tell it all.

    At first I thought it may be a race thing...but someone said the guy thought I was my friend. Not that that makes it any better...but we both had on black dresses. You would think mine was backless and I have long braids right now...that I would not be confused with a tall blond. lol. At any rate, at the club although I am half black, we truly are the only white people invited. I thought for a moment it was a race thing, but I know almost all of these people for several years and have photographed a great portion of them. This ass was someone new that I don't know. So I don't think it was race...but I am sure it is stupidity. Stupid asshole. I swear it was not like I even had a chance. I never saw it coming...nor who did it.

    I know those guys will be getting something, they really pissed off some people by hitting on us.

    And overall, I think I am ok. My elbows are beat up a bit. I took the brunt of the fall on them and my tailbone. I just am glad that did not get messed up again. I am kinda happy that I have not been sitting in that donut anymore. Go figure, I sprain it sitting on a chair, and last night I got lifted off my feet and fell square on it and nothing happened. Whew!!

  • MsMcDucket
    I think you should get a dr to look at your eye, just in case.

    I second that. That bum needs to be put in jail. What the hell? Was he on crack?

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