Bethel Romeos - throwing your daughters at them

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  • Elsewhere
    We all wondered how long it would take before she realized that marrying him was like marrying Rainman. She was with him less than 30 days and she bolted.

    lmao.... I can see him now...

    Yeah, I got laid. Yeah.
  • MeneMene

    My niece just got engaged to a bethelite. She's in her early 20s. Her mother is just so thrilled she is beside herself.

    She has filled out the application for Bethel. Guess she is planning to join him there. I was surprised they are still taking applications as I thought they were laying off a lot of people.

  • looking_glass

    Scully - he liked to say that all her education would be of no use in the new system. He would then say in the next breath that everything he learned at Bethel and at MS school would be very useful. Funny that she left him, I cannot imagine leaving such a fav brother!

  • Virgochik

    There was a poor brother from our Hall who went to Bethel at nineteen. He had quit high school at 16 to pioneer. His parents threw him out of the house because they were Catholic and very displeased with him becoming a Witless. He couldn't afford a car, so he rode a bicycle everywhere. Somewhere along the way, this guy developed a crush on me. I was about 17 or 18.

    He was very lonely at Bethel, and called our house collect every stinkin Sunday evening. He wanted to talk to me, but after a few polite words, I'd put my dad on the line. The guy was just so young and lonesome, and I did feel sorry for him, but not enough to lead him on! Anyway, in a couple of years we heard he'd married a sister from one of the New York congregations. She was a nurse! They had five kids at last report, and she had to support the family because he had no high school diploma and little in the way of job skills. But, she got her Bethel boy! Thank heavens I didn't cave in to the nudging from my family to sit by him one time at the Witchtower meeting get engaged.

  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah my silly little brother / elder / bethelite was mysteriously a major catch. Fortunately he found the perfect elderette and they're very happily raising a couple of JW clones. It's good that there's somebody for everybody.

  • LongHairGal


    I get sick when I read stories like that where the girl ends up supporting the family because she has a better job.

    In the nurse's case, she got her "bethel boy" and he got a meal-ticket.


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    This forum is helping me realize the insane dynamics involved in peoples warped veiws of what is considered lofty employment and marriageable material. What a crock of shit! In the real world such things are to be pitied. The watchtowers great spin doctors can piss on you and tell you it's raining!

  • rebel8

    I think Blondie's story tells it all. Very demented.

  • DannyHaszard

    O-Kay I have seen it all born 3rd gen Jehovah's Witnesses 1957 I never was the romeo continental casanova was chased by lots of sisters never went to bethel because of Ulcerative colitis disease.I felt sorrry for many sisters including my own fleshly JW female kin who yearned for a mate.

    The whole relation-shit thing is an abomination with JW's

  • crazyblondeb

    My mom and stepdad "toured" Bethel right when I turned 16. Trust me, they were there to scope it out. They came back with names, and addresses and pics. Wanted me to be "penpals" with a couple. After the first couple letters, I trashed them. I already knew they weren't for me.

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