Are you a 'Life is Over-rated' or a 'life is what you make it' type person?

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  • needproof

    I was wondering who out there is a 'Life is what you make it' type person.

    I must admit that I am a 'life is over-rated' type. I don't wish to sound negative but how can you say to a kid born in war torn Sudan 'oh, get over it... life is what you make it!'.

    People born into certain circumstances can't change their life. I reckon the 'life is what you make it' crowd are people with lots of money and freedom to do things. Right now I think life is so over-rated - but that is not a cry for help or a statement of some kind of depression, it's just awful to see some of the things happening going on.

  • thebiggestlie

    What is this "life" you speak of?

  • needproof

    lol, good answer

  • avidbiblereader

    Needproof, well said, sad but true, we live in a country for now that life is what you make of it but for so many they don't even have a chance, at least not in this LIFE, I am a person who is what you make out of it what you put into it but only because I was blessed to live in a land of opportunity. I have traveled quite a bit and seen what you are saying about other places. That is why I do pray for God's Kingdom and the real life that Paul talked about.


  • Finally-Free

    Life is fine, it's just the sex that's over-rated.


  • needproof

    Thankyou for your remarks avidbiblereader. What chance do these poor people have in life? In a world obsessed with money, the poor are really disadvantaged. I hope the next life is better.

  • unique2u

    Depends on the day.. I have days where I tell myself "I'm going to make the BEST of Today"...... On the Flipside some days- All I can say is "Bleeeep This-" and it's a 50/50 shot :)

  • free2think

    Life has taught me that I have to make it happen for myself. I've been chronically ill for most of my life, so I've really just had to take each day as it comes and do what I can to make life bearable. So I would say for me I view life as what you make of it. In my situation I could either have a negative attitude about how bad my life is or just say I'm going to live each day to the full with whatever health I have.

    When I was younger though it was a different story.


  • Dansk

    I guess I'm a bit of both. I know happiness is a veneer because it is only temporary; fleeting. Therefore, we have to make what we can of the life we have been given.

    The Buddha said that all is dukkha (suffering) and I believe he is right - and not just because I'm ill. By suffering (not an exact translation) the Buddha meant that everything is impermanent. When we are passionately in love, for example, we want it to last for ever. Sadly, it won't, because there will be a parting of the ways (such as in death). Our joy is turned to heartbreak.

    When one is seriously ill, however, one is glad to know that the suffering is not forever. Unfortunately, in severe cases, to be rid of the pain often means one has to die.

    Look at our bodies. Our fresh, young healthy skin eventually turns to wrinkled flesh - and that's just on the outside. The joy we seek, too often through sex and the striving for material gain, never results in true happiness. For this, I believe we have to be on a spiritual plane. Not necessarily believing in God, but in a universal power.

    There are moments, of course, when life can be blissfully enjoyable. As long as we remember there are thorns as well as gossamer we will be able to make the most of what we have, which includes the concern and well-being of all sentient creatures.


  • LittleToe

    Ian puts it well. It isn't a huge step to designate that "power" as having personality and humour.

    I try to make the most of what I've got, whilst acknowledging that life can be a crap-shoot.

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