Are you a 'Life is Over-rated' or a 'life is what you make it' type person?

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  • RAF
    Restrangled : What we can ask of ourselves: What have I done to contribute to my neighbor or fellow human being?"

    This have something to do with "Life is what you make it" we are not alone on this earth and just thinking about ourselve is not really appropriate. So life is what you make it (should not implying sucess) but how we can help others.

    this reminds me somehow a very nice movie "A BETTER WORLD"

    Now for instance if someone got a chance to becomes a surgeon ... I guess he can do a lot others and himself as well for money making and helping for free (free health care) ... but so does and can help any people who works in this area at every level.

  • AuldSoul
    needproof: How can you tell a Romanian kid living in the sewers to 'make a bigger life for himself'? What could he do to get out of his mess?

    I apologize. I took for granted that a Romanian kid living in the sewers would not be reading my advice on this thread. I wasn't telling him to do that. Still, if his life is overrated there is only one person who can possibly change that. Him. However he does that will include making his life bigger if his life is ever to stop being overrated.

    If you are worried about Romanian kids living in sewers, one way you could make your life bigger is by rescuing one Romanian kid. Or two. Or as many as you can. And teaching them to escape the cycle of poverty.

    For those of us who are able to read this, making a bigger life is probably a viable option and the only way we can avoid an overrated life.


  • needproof

    ;) I think I mis-understood your comment.

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