Are you a 'Life is Over-rated' or a 'life is what you make it' type person?

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  • thebiggestlie

    Dansk i respect that way of looking at life. Buddhism (sp?) is facinating to me. What would you recommend to learn more about this belief system?

  • needproof

    Thank you all for some nice insights.

  • RAF

    I'll also join Dansk on the matter

    and to answer farest on the question (is life what you make it when you seems to not have the choice?) your spirit still have the choice to more focus on the pain or focus on joy.

    When my son was ill under Chimio he was laughing as much as he could, not that he wasn't suffering he just still wanted to spend time laughing (he is a joker anyway). And by that even in knowing that something horrible could have happened the time I shared with him was very extra ordinary ... I do not remember him talking about death 1 time not 1 about himself but only others (even when for the first time he had to understand he had a serious sickness - that's the only time I remember him saying : If I'm gonna die your going to stay alone (weird he wasn't thinking about him leaving this word what he was afraid of is knowing that I would be alone).

  • Warlock

    For now, here's the way I see it: There are more events in life than we think, that are random.................BUT.................. you must still buy a suit to wear to the interview.


  • fifi40

    If we take the view of 'life is what you make it' then we are putting ourselves in a place which enables us to help others less fortunate than ourselves. More of this planets inhabitants lives in dire poverty than in a state of wealth, but it is only those who have more that can help redress the balance. If you take a few steps back we all face the same threats to our existance, regardless of our everyday lives. But if we work with the idea of 'life is what you make it' we have the opportunity, however small, to improve the lives of not just ourselves but others too.

    If we take the view of 'Life is Over-rated' we take away the privledged position we are placed in. We take away the value of those very live's we are concerned for.

  • BluesBrother

    I feel kind of humbled by Ian's (Dansk) post..All too often for me I have to mirror what Meat Loaf used to sing

    "Life is a Lemon, and I want my money back"

  • Blueblades

    Life is difficult. Life is complex. There are no easy answers. We make choices, decisions every day. We can accept or deny the consequences of our actions all through life. We make those decisions based upon our station in life at that time and this changes as we grow and learn. Some things in life we have a measure of control with. Other things are out of our control. Depending on where you are in the world has an affect on your life and how you view it.

    War torn areas, peaceful areas. Plenty of food, Famine. Rich, poor. Healthy, sickly. Religious, no religion etc. all effect the moment of existence how we might view our life in the now for that person who is experiencing any one or multiples in these areas. Yes! Life is difficult, complex,there are no easy answers.


  • RAF
    fifi40 : If we take the view of 'life is what you make it' then we are putting ourselves in a place which enables us to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

    I agree, but only people who think about it regarding to success (in life) leads to that ... life is not about success life is about experiences ... But if you take this statement as a way to tell anyone if you do not succeed it's because you don't really want it or don't put enought effort in it ... it's unfair ... cause life do not work that way. Why? We are inter-dependant and anything can have an impact on what we are doing (and we do not lead everything/everyone - we just can't).

  • Lumptard

    Depends on what day it, life is overrated. Life is what happens between drinks.

  • restrangled
    People born into certain circumstances can't change their life. I reckon the 'life is what you make it' crowd are people with lots of money and freedom to do things. Right now I think life is so over-rated - but that is not a cry for help or a statement of some kind of depression, it's just awful to see some of the things happening going on.

    I Agree as a citizen of the U.S.......

    After traveling a fair amount around the world and seeing what we enjoy and expect compared with those who have little to nothing we are a bunch of spoiled brats. I came to that conclusion years ago.

    In the latest National Geographic Magazine they featured the lives of those on the African coast with new oil discovered over the last few years. Shell oil has destroyed the ability for the locals to fish, and earn a living as there are many oil spills and much violence due to the money flowing in and out....but not to the locals. There is a tremendous amount of natural gas, but Shell is not interested so when they break open these lines the area goes up in flames and it takes weeks for Shell to come out and put out the fires. The people are now starving and desperate...unable to support themselves by what they did for generations. Shell Oil does not offer jobs to these people as they are not qualified.

    They are living in Shanty towns, surrounded by oil soaked waters, natural gas fires etc. and no fresh water, etc. etc.

    So Life is what you make of it?....No.....Not outside of any developed Democratic Countries.


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