Homeschooling . Are you for or against?

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  • mouthy

    Isnt that what life is all about that we can love one another yet we can agree to disagree I love being FREE!!!!!

  • GentlyFeral

    Becca1, I am fiercely against homeschooling the way it was done for to you. I did everything in my power to prevent that from happening to my kids when I was teaching them.


  • megsmomma


  • avidbiblereader

    Did it with my daughter and would NOT recommend it


  • Quandry

    Some have had success, so cannot automatically say no. Depends on the circumstances. But just wanted to add that I went out in service during the week with many moms who had their children along--they were on school time, as they were able to somehow count service as a class. Also used Bible study time as reading time.

    What's the saying? A student can only be as good as his teacher? What does that say for a child who sits by himself and his "Teacher" is some published workbook? I have seen some results of homeschool which equaled NO SCHOOL.

    How does a high school educated mom teach modern Chemistry, Biology, Computer skills, Algebra, and perhaps Psychology to her high school child? How do they compete with teachers in public schools who have a master's degree in their field?

    Just my 2 cents.

  • done4good

    For the most part, against. Keep in mind, I never knew anyone who was home schooled before the jws, so I'm somewhat biased in my opinon against it. That said, there are some public school systems that are just plain dangerous, and many of the families in those areas can't neccesarily afford private school. In that case, it's a good thing.


  • uwishufish

    Once being a school teacher, my feelings were that of true sadness when a parent removed a child to be home schooled.

    Another social misfit in the making. (lacking peer interaction skills to fit in, hence a misfit)

  • uwishufish

    But then again it takes all kinds.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am generally AGAINST it for the reasons Junction Guy originally posted, plus
    most parents don't genuinely TEACH the kids. They just get the books and
    let the kids be on their own.

    IF YOU TEACH your kids, IF the school system stinks, IF your child has a
    medical limitation that others will make fun of or will hinder their learning,
    THEN I COULD BE FOR homeschooling.

  • BrentR

    If you are a JW kid then that is a very powerful argument for home schooling. My entire childhood memories are of being made fun of and being picked for being a JW at school. I would never put my child through that for any reason whatsoever. If you are going to raise your child in a freakoid cult then you have an obligation to prevent the horrid abuse they will encounter in a public school.

    I will never forgive my parents for thier attitude of "buck up and take it", "That is the persecution the bible prophisied about". This is my all time favorite one "Be glad it's happening because it means the great tribulation is near". I wish that as a kid I did need a blood transfusion and did not get one and died.

    If I had the ability or the means to condem my parents to eternal hell I would do it in heartbeat. It is beyond sick and twisted to subject a child to that and not even have the humanity to ever apologize. My mom is 64 and has had many decades to wake up and leave them.

    There comes a certain time that I can no longer forgive and blame it on the Borg anymore. If you can remain an active JW for 64 years then it's because you are enjoying the sickness and deriving a demented, twisted pleasure out of it.

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