Homeschooling . Are you for or against?

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  • Odrade

    Against, with very few exceptions.

  • lovelylil

    just for the record, I have a business school and college degree and I still found it to be a lot of work to homeschool my daughter for one year. The thing that helped is that she is exceptionally bright anyway and can work a lot idependently. btw: my son had trouble learning to read when he first started school and almost got held back in first grade because of it. I told his teacher to give me a few months to work with him one on one, after that short period, I was able to help him go from one year behind to three years ahead in reading. How? by changing the approach used in teaching him. I find most public schools only use one approach and sometimes kids who learn differently can get left behind. For this reason, homeschooling is a good option for some parents. Although I did not homeschool my son but worked with him in the evenings and weekends, if he needed more help, I would have taken him out of school for a year like I did with my daughter. Homeschool is also good if you have an extremely gifted child and your child's school does not have a program geared to them. They may get bored in regular school.

    So again, it depends on the circumstances but it is a huge commitment. If I found it hard to do with two degrees, I don't know how I would have done it with only a HS education. The best thing usually is to leave the teaching to the professionals, and keep the communication with them open. Letting the teachers know you are a partner with them. Lilly

  • buffalosrfree

    Me- for, have had experience with 3 children all did very well. One child reentered the public school system and found herself in Magnet courses becasue she was so far ahead of the rest of the students in her grade.

  • skyking

    Very much against it. Many here home school, most all are social ignorant people.

  • gumb

    It depends on who is doing it. Those committed to it can be extremely helpful to their kids in producing well educated (as in for life skills), socially fit members of society by giving them experience in the real world, as opposed to the artificial environment of school. However, it must be said there are parents who are not fit to do the job. So my answer is yes or no depending on individual circumstances.

  • DaCheech

    In my household we BOTH work. Where in modern civilization is 1 person making enough $$$$$ to keep the wife home????

  • mia_b

    definitely against

  • truthsearcher
    In my household we BOTH work. Where in modern civilization is 1 person making enough $$$$$ to keep the wife home????

    We have decided as a family to make the sacrifices necessary to be a one income family so I could be at home to raise our children, and also be able to homeschool. As far as social misfits go, our children have all been social leaders that their peers respect. Although, since moving to a smaller community, we have met some that were a little backward. It must depend on the parents.

    The JW style of hsing perhaps is an inadequate way to do it. The cult represses critical thinking skills, and drags the kids door to door when they should be learning, so this perhaps is a reason for JWs not to homeschool. Once you are out though, it could be a strong alternative for those so driven. If anyone is interested in more information or links, PM me. I have done this for 17 years and have alot of research and links to share.

  • restrangled

    I have a close and dear cousin who home schooled her girls up and through 8th grade. They are brilliant and way ahead of classmates in High School. In order to keep them socialized they were taught the violen, cello, and piano and competed since they were small. They have won many awards and preformed all over their state.

    They are strikingingly beautiful girs with talent galore and have had few problems adapting to public high school. 4.0 plus averages.

    My cousin made a huge comittment though, her life was teaching those girls....and her efforts paid off.

    She herself learned so much through the curriculum she used, that after never having had a job, she was able to obtain a position making 40K per year after her divorce from Mr. Elder sicko. She was a pioneer after highschool and did so until she had the girls.


  • Jim_TX


    I've seen too many 'failures' to this concept.

    My daughter was homeschooled from about grade 6 to 12. The ex-wife was her 'teacher'. The ex-wife barely graduated grade 12. (I.E. no college or other training)

    My daughter did well... but when she went to get into a 2-year college, she had to take a few remedial courses, to bring her up to college level.


    Jim TX

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