Homeschooling . Are you for or against?

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  • BrentR

    For. Alot of public schools are nothing more then liberal indoctriantion camps. Private school is even better.

  • Junction-Guy

    You do make a good point BrentR.

  • Fangorn

    Against, the best I've seen has been mediocre.

  • looking_glass
    best I've seen has been mediocre

    Well, you've never met me, you just might change your opinion.

  • zensim

    Either/Or. Depends on individual circumstances - like everything else in life. Both styles of schooling have their positives and negatives.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover
    Open minded enough to say whatever is best for the child, should be done.


  • LtCmd.Lore

    I think you can get a much better education if your homeschooled, but it takes a lot of dedication from the parent.

    But, don't make the mistake my parents made, I had NO social life, and now I have difficulty relating to people, I'm virtually emotionless except in extreme circumstances (That may be unrelated but I figured I'd throw that out there anyway.), I have no team spirit, I didn't have any reason to play sports so I didn't do much physicaly... I had to turn to the internet for friends, which worked out great for me, but could be disastrous for some kids.

    I you homeschool, DO NOT let the child grow up without being involved in some kind of club, team or group... cults don't count...

    So I'll summarize for those to lazy to read my opinion:

    Public school = Medium for education, great for interpersonel relationships.

    Homeschool = Lousy, Medium or Exellent for education, likely horrible for interpersonel relationships.


  • Highlander

    Generally speaking I'm quite against it. From personal experience I've seen nothing but failure among the home schooled kids.

    I do recognize that there are exceptions and that having a QUALIFIED parent to lead the way can result in an excellent home school education.

    I personally know 12 kids that were homeschooled. One of them did go on to college and is a very intelligent person. The other 11, either didn't graduate, or received their

    GED at a later time in life.

  • lv4fer

    For if done correctly...Very difficult unless you have a stay at home parent who is also a good teacher

  • purplesofa

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