My Bethel experience part II

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  • juni

    Thank you newboy for sharing with us your story!

    Bethel = "House of God" ?? NOT! more like "house of horror". So many are benefiting from you sharing your experiences. A lot of us had/have preconceived ideas about Bethel. While I was still "IN" the org. I was told by a Bethelite that one of the anointed did celebrate his birthday. I don't know if you ever witnessed such a thing.

    I, too, look forward to Part 3.


  • restrangled


    Looking forward to part 2....Thanks so much for posting.


  • new boy
    new boy

    To looise

    Well the old bat (Ester Lopas) didn't remember saying that. What she did remember was the day she got wipped cream all over my suit..........She held the can wrong and shot it all over me. She said "I did give you the money, for the dry cleaning..................right?"..........wrong! never got a cent. It cost a wopping $1.75...15% of my monthly pay check. LOL

  • PopeOfEruke

    New Boy,

    you should have paid dear old Sister Ester back by shooting whipped cream all over her face!


  • jayhawk1

    Looking forward to part 3!

  • Paisley

    New boy I enjoyed that account very much! I'm going back to find part one now, and look forward to part 3.

  • TopHat

    What is that scripture where Jesus says, not to sit in the front seats to be seen as important?

    Your story of the uppity ups reminds me of that scripture.

  • Anitar

    Wow, New Boy, I feel sick after reading this. How can anyone in their right minds think this is God's house? I would rather hang myself than go within 10 feet of that horrible place. I have old ladies in my church that are in their 90's and they're the sweetest people in the world.

    I feel sorry for the old guy who didn't get married. What shocked me the most is that he sounded like he knew this organization was all horseshit, and was saying it out loud like it was an accepted fact! Yet he stayed and lived a miserable life until the bitter end. It's so hard to believe for an outsider like me that places like this exist. And to think my mom thinks this place is the most sacred, heavenly place in the world.

    By the way, Blondie, were you once a Bethelite too?


  • Crumpet

    Absolutely gripping stiff new boy - i'm kind of glad that I saved up parts 2 to 8 so I can now enjoy them in one go! Sister Lopez - what a bitch!

  • rebel8
    After 4 years, I turned in my 30 day notice in february 1974........everyone thought armageddon was right around the corner

    I know this is supposed to be a story about bethel, but you're leaving out the best part!

    Why did you leave in 1974 and how did you support yourself after leaving? How did you react when armageddon didn't come in 1975 as expected?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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