Did U Ever Know Of An Elder That Committed A D'Fing Offense While An Elder?

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  • jwfacts

    I know three elders that were living it up whilst in Bethel.

    Elder 1 - surfing porn in Bethel, eventually confessed and was put down and kicked out

    Elder 2 - Had adulterous affair with a girl half his age. Caught, d/f, kicked out and divorced

    Elder 3 - Had 7 year adulterous affair with his wife's best friend. She confessed eventually, he was d/f, kicked out and divorced

    Me - Well I was only a MS so it doesn't count what i got up to.

  • Honesty

    A young elder died.

    His wife was lonely.

    A married elder in her hall took pity on her.

    4 years later they spent 3 days together in the mountains at a motel where another sister from another hall worked.

    She ratted them out and they were both DF'd.

    They are now reinstated and living happily as husband and wife and he is on the fast track back to eldersh*t.

  • greendawn

    In the ex congo there was an elder who had a relationship with the wife of another elder. They were discovered and both were DFed but after a while they were reinstated. As it happened none of them were divorced from their spouses.

  • Do you Mr. Jones?
    Do you Mr. Jones?
    I knew of an elder who was "annointed" who carried on an affair for years with another 'annointed" "sister"

    Maybe they wanted to get the "earthly" sex out of the way before they got to heaven (where they could only hold hands)?


  • watson

    Knew a PO in Northern Cal that had an affair with his daughter's friend. He was early 50s, and his "babe" was 17 when they met. Carried on for some time. He was disfellowshipped, divorced his wife of 30 plus years and married the girl after she turned 18.

    Here's another one for ya.

    This elder, also from Northern California, was in his early 50s and struck up a relationship with a 17 year old pioneer sister in his hall. Left his wife of 30 plus years, married the youngin'.

    In case you were concerned about their "spiritual condition," happily both ex elders are re-instated, along with their new/young wives. I figure they are reaching out now for a fine office.

    Both ex wives are still plugging away, supporting themselves and their children. The kids are a little mixed up.

  • aniron

    Knew of an Elder who wanted out of his marriage. So started affair with a JW sister. Got disfellowshipped. Divorced on "scriptural grounds". Was reinstated a year later on. Was back to being an Elder within a couple of years. Oddly his younger brother, also did the same thing.

    Another Elder smoked, was eventually DF'd after someone caused trouble over it.

    Knew about Min Servants getting up to stuff. Smoking, drugs, sex.

    One Min Servant, everyone thought he was so "spiritual". Pioneered, had wife and child, window cleaner. Well it turned out with some of his lady customers he was cleaning more than their windows. Found out, wife divorced him, was DF'd, reinstated about a year later. But then went and did the same thing. Also it was found out that the period before he was reinstated and being "repentant" he was practically living with some woman.

  • candidlynuts
    The kids are a little mixed up

    i bet thats an understatement watson!

  • Paisley

    Many, now that this thread made me think back.

    Not just elders though, some were servants, serving where the need was supposedly greater.

    One cold Book Study overseer, quite judgmental it seemed, turned out to be having a 2 year affair with a servant's wife. When it was found out, he was disfellowshipped. She was not as I recall, because she was just reinstated and this was one of the brothers on her committee.

    Another was not disfellowshipped but was temporarily removed. I don't know the details other than he, among other elders on the same body, were giving terrible "unscriptural" advice to a sister who was having problems with her husband. What bothered me about this one elder was he often had some kind of sleazy look on his face and he was a chauvinist. So sometimes he was quite affectionate, but other times he was disrespectful toward women. It was strange and uncomfortable. He was dishonest in his real estate practices too. Took commissions after escrow closed, that kind of thing.

    Another was molesting his two stepdaughters for about 10 years, part of this time serving where "the need was greater", being a big shot. When one of the girls reported it, the other came forward too. So he was reproved. But years later, when the younger girl became engaged, she felt her fiance was entitled to know what she had been through and that she was damaged from it. So he approached the stepfather's current body and told. Nothing happened to the former molester, but the mother of these girls was enraged at the daughter who had told her fiance, and swung her fist at the girl, hit her hard in the face and knocked her down, threw her out of the house and screamed at her that she should have kept it quiet, and told her never to come back to the house.

    Another elder molested his stepdaughter for many years while an elder. When it came out, he was removed, disfellowshipped. His stepdaughter is damaged but she has a good relationship with the man now. It's her mother who's everyone's nightmare. The fact that this woman stayed with him after, just to make his life hell after the truth came out, was the hardest part. Well not really, and I don't at all excuse him or respect him regardless that he seems to have completely changed, never doing that kind of thing again, by all accounts. It's just hard to see anyone live with a crazy woman who keeps telling anyone and everyone, "he did this, so now, he owes me, and it's all about money now." This man did a hideous thing and I never warmed up to him but I have to say, after it was all said and done, he always behaved like a dignified and kind person, putting up with anything his wife did or said for years after the terrible act. All their other kids are so nice, kind, dignified men. Odd.

    Another elder I really feel for. Totally nice person, fun, cool, highly intelligent and creative. His answering machine messages were out of this world amusing. He had been a bomber pilot in a war, and was plagued with memories of people he had bombed. Says he saw some after his bomb had hit. I don't know anything about that but I felt for him. He was married to a very troubled, cold sister, who would harangue the kids constantly, and browbeat her husband too, saying things like "I wasn't supposed to have to be with you this long!! You were supposed to die in the war and leave me a widow. And you came back instead." Well, she tried to kill herself a couple of times and was reproved for it. He eventually started a relationship with a non-witness; I believe she was his Bible study. He was disfellowshipped and he moved in with her. He and his first wife got divorced and he married the normal, sane lady. And was then as happy as he could be. He was kind of haunted.

    Another elder, one of the little stars of the circuit, constantly giving talks on the assemblies with his picture perfect little family, was found out for having a years-long affair with the other darling of the circuit, the lovely regular pioneer wife of the Presiding Overseer of another congregation. I felt for her but detested the brother who took her that way. They were both df'd and she was so humble about it it made me ill. I would talk to her at work, about work, and she would hang her head and whisper, "I'm df'd." I said, "And? So?" But kindly, because I felt for her. Anyone who could be attracted to THAT guy had to need affection very badly. YUCK.

    Enough for now.

  • sexyk

    Umme yeah my dad was an elder for like 20 years, he got put in jail when I was 9 years old for hitting my mother across the face. Oh and also he use to beat on us as kids, while still an elder. Oh and he use to say the word Fuck every time he got mad, which was pretty much every single day. And oh, he use to threaten me not to call the police because they would take him away to prison, or not to call the elders or they would disfelowship him. Yeah i lived in Fear.

    Read my story people in my posts "My life in the organization", its quite interesting to say the least.

  • avidbiblereader

    I know of elders who were

    Drunk a lot, even one of them so drunk on a trip he couldn't make dinner on the cruise, then a week later gave the local needs talk on reporting wrond doing, but I have seen a lot of elders drunk.


    Lying on taxes

    Fraud on business practices



    Going to strip clubs and stuffing the $


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