Did U Ever Know Of An Elder That Committed A D'Fing Offense While An Elder?

by minimus 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • love2Bworldly

    Minimus--you bad little boy, is the other elder still a JDumb?

  • minimus

    Yup...but's he's not an elder now.

  • love2Bworldly

    I was SOOOOOO naive when I was a Witless. I thought everyone was good little girls and boys like me, boy was I wrong hee hee!!! Wish my sister would read all this stuff on here so she would open her blinded eyes!

  • Mary

    Yep. One of my old elders was having an affair with one of the local pioneers for 3 years before he got caught. It makes we wonder how the hell he could possibly sit in judgement on anyone else during that time frame, knowing what he was doing.

  • minimus

    Seems like most of the offenses are sexual.

  • mia_b

    My father molested me when he was an elder and i was 10 -12 ish When i eventually told 10yrs later he was still an elder he was "removed" but it was announced as "bro so and so is no longer an elder" and everyone assumed he'd stepped down and commiserated with the family on whata great elder he was and how great it must be to have him as a father.

    Never df'd totally stumbled me. Especially as he was supported and i wasn't.

  • candidlynuts

    sexual, alcohol related or financial related..seen all three in my area

  • minimus

    Mia, being molested by your own dad is awful.

  • misguided

    My kids' grandfather was an elder...until he had a baby with his pioneer daughter. She was 17, but indicated the abuse had gone on for as long as she can recall - around 4 years old. This was around 1970 in Ontario.

    Despite this, when I met the family in 1985, he was again an elder with the local congregation totally unaware of the situation. I wasn't even aware until shortly before my marriage to his son, my now-ex-husband.

  • Odrade

    Knew an elder who was raping his kids... well, at least he was still an elder until one of his kids went to the police and he got arrested...

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