Did U Ever Know Of An Elder That Committed A D'Fing Offense While An Elder?

by minimus 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary

    I think the big question is: Why do Witness "offenses" have such a well defined pattern to them? Virtually all of the posts on here say that these elders were guilty of: adultery, drunkeness, pedophilia or stealing.

    It makes me wonder why things like taking drugs, dabbling in 'spiritism', gambling or smoking aren't right up there with the rest..........

  • minimus

    What an enlightening thread! ------Keep them coming!!!

  • alamb

    #1. Elder molested me at age 5. He died 30 years later still an elder.

    #2. My father, an elder, molested me for 6 years. Never punished although he admitted to it. Just DF'd last month for alcoholism....24 years later. Moral: Beer trumps rape.

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