Governing Body Member Stephan Lett Lies On JW.TV

by Finkelstein 78 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Finkelstein

    All religious institutions are built upon a facade of lies when you deeply examine them.

    People like the past president of the WTS. J Rutherford, set the template of lies for this organization to exist and flourish long ago.

    Thanks to the easy accessible information on the inter-net, it makes looking at these religious organizations closely in how they do mentally manipulate people.


    "If you were given the expressed responsibility to sustain a multi-million dollar world wide organization, you might be persuaded to occasionally lie, as well to uphold a privileged position which you hold within that organization."

    Not about pedophilia! I'd burn that Mother to the ground! There is ZERO excuse for this behavior from Christ's "brothers." Retirement fund?!?!? RETIREMENT FUND?!?!?! BS!!!!! If just one of the GB would go public, do the right thing, he won't need to worry about retirement. He can live in my house for the rest of his life, rent free.

    There is no downside for the GB concerning total transparency! They only think their is, because they aren't believers, but legalistic Pharisees.

    They would be forgiven and looked upon as true Saints, men who shine as glorious ones, men who had the courage to clean Jeehoober's house! It would be the ULTIMATE way to win JWs over....for good! Hell, even I would have to recant before my wife as far as certain issues are concerned!

    Could this be the ultimate plan?? The sheeple will believe whatever they are told, without question. The GB can even sacrifice one of their own and the rest can be heroes!!! All they have to do is say that they were smoking out a mole/apostate GB member, then secretly pay him off...or not.

    Imagine the holy ones addressing the congregation on the 144,000 Club. "Satan tried to infiltrate the ORG, but the SLAVE beat him at his own game! All thanks to JEEHOOBER!!" ( Donate NOW.. Flashes across screen.)


  • JakeM2012

    I hate liars. I've got a brother who is pathological, narcissists, compulsive, liar, who is in good standing in the congregation and is currently working at War Wick. Oh, the blessings and privileges of lying in Jehovah's Service.

    I think it ballsy to address the apostates "lying" about pediphiles. WTBTS is still in their denial stage, but they are talking about it on their JW network which is addressing it to a point, even though dishonestly. But, perhaps inadvertently, informing people who may not know about it about the situations.

    They are feeling/enjoying the bashing power over the "apostates". As pointed out the news media picked the improprieties up, judges have picked up on it, lawyers have seen the situation for what it is, and all of this group are not "apostates".

    Interestingly, it was an assembly where the speaker just kept on using a hatchet when speaking of apostates, and the hate he displayed was obvious. He mentioned that one mature sister had unknowingly read some material on an "apostate" web site, and it wrecked her faith in a few hours. "The elders have been trying to assist her but she has shipwrecked her faith, by entertaining apostates websites.

    This made me curious to investigate the "lies" with the reasoning, "If we have the truth, how can the lie of an apostate wreck a mature sisters faith in hours?". End of story, I'm out, and consider the WTBTS liars.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Q: You know how to tell when Lett is lying?

    A: His eyebrows are moving.

  • Finkelstein

    Thats called gesturing with emphasis Billy.

    Lett always got a G mark on his ministry school talks for doing that.

    Thats how he eventually got promoted to the GB, he kept on over extenuating his facial expressions during his talks.

  • Finkelstein

    A lot people don't know this but Lett used to be a practicing and professional ventriloquist.

  • cha ching
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I hope the Zalkin law firm supenas Lett to testify in one of his lawsuit cases and call him on the carpet for such outrageous remarks.

    It would be nice if both videos (his testimony in court and his lies for the corporation) are shown side by side to show what a two faced liar he is, and take some of the wind out of his sails because he's nothing but a blow hard liar..

  • Finkelstein

    Now Lett is getting a G mark for spin doctoring bullshitting and a G mark for white washing over problems to uphold the image of the organization.

    Way to go Stephan .

    But what about the the children outside the organization Brother Lett, ?

    Many times these perpetrators leave the congregations of where they were attending and attack children outside of the organization . If you would have cooperated with the proper authorities in investigating these kinds of criminal acts, they wouldn't be roaming around out in the open public.

  • flipper
    I hope that Zalkin's firm DOES call Lett on the carpet for these remarks. They need to subpoena this bastard to court . Or at least use his quote in proving there is definitely a WT coverup . As Cha Ching so aptly showed in the you tube comparison, Lett's remarks totally contradict Richard Ashe's comments in his testimony in court. The GB are just lying to save their financial ass. And lying to save face to 8 million JW's and prospective converts who are non-JW's. May the God of Karma come and bite them where it hurts

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