Governing Body Member Stephan Lett Lies On JW.TV

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  • Finkelstein

    I thought it would be important to clearly point in the recent talk by Governing body member Stephan Lett, that he did in fact deliberately lie concerning what he described as lies and false information by apostates, concerning the organization being permissive toward people in the organization who had been involved in pedophilia.

    The truth of the matter is thats exactly what the organization has been doing and perhaps for a long time. The recent Candace Conti law suit where she was awarded 28 million dollars was levied against the WTS for its irresponsible behavior by the elders who gave no notification of the accused Jonathan Kendrick that he had been charged with pedophilia and spent months in jail for his actions . The damaging piece of evidence that showed proof of the cover up came as an approval letter to the forwarding congregation to where he had moved to. The letter actually stated that he was good with children .

    So there you have it, there was no devious lying by apostates, they actual reiterated what had occurred in this particular case and others that preceded it.

    What Lett did was accuse other people of lying when he himself propagated a lie on his own to support the organization and its image. Maybe thats what he was trying to instigate , that everyone in the organization should act in oneness, which at times necessitates lying for the sake of the organization.

    The WTS has at time quoted scriptures pertaining to not talking about others transgressions.

    The only problem with that is that when you dont talk about pedophilia, many times these individuals re-offend because of their mental state and thats why its important to have these people incarcerated and put under psychological evaluation.

    What the WTS wants and is its focusing concern, is to uphold a pure virtuosos image around itself, it does not want it ruined by virtue of indiscriminate conduct by certain individuals who are practicing within the organization.

  • BU2B
    Great point. This is a clear, verifiable, lie that can be easily proven. He cannot claim ignorance on this. He is at the top of the organization and is pulling the wool over memberships eyes.
  • whathappened

    Is this theocratic warfare...lying about people who are telling the truth to keep the organizations followers in the dark about the problems within that prove they are not God's earthly visible organization?

    They certainly don't want the anyone knowing about where their monetary contributions are going!

  • Quarterback

    Wow, 28 Million Dollars was paid out to settle this claim?

    Do we have proof of this?



    ad hominem fallacy

    Ad hominem is Latin for "to the man." The ad hominem fallacy occurs when one asserts that somebody's claim is wrong because of something about the person making the claim. The ad hominem fallacy is often confused with the legitimate provision of evidence that a person is not to be trusted. Calling into question the reliability of a witness is relevant when the issue is whether to trust the witness. It is irrelevant, however, to call into question the reliability or morality or anything else about a person when the issue is whether that person's reasons for making a claim are good enough reasons to support the claim.

    Good refutations of arguments try to undermine the accuracy, relevance, fairness, completeness, and sufficiency of reasons given to support a conclusion. One of the more common tactics of those who can't provide a good refutation of an argument is to divert attention away from the argument by calling attention to something about the person who made the argument. Rather than criticize a person’s premises or reasoning, one asserts something about the person’s character, associations, occupation, hobbies, motives, mental health, likes or dislikes.

  • brandnew
    @QUARTERBACK.....dude google Candace Conti....and after ..Irwin Zalkin law firm...m.and check out all the latest and previous lawsuits.
  • Phizzy

    The 28 million has been reduced, and an Appeal by the WT is in progress.

    Lett also set up a straw Man by saying that "lying Apostates" were claiming that the JW's did not have a Protection Policy.

    I have never seen such a claim, yes, we have pointed out that many Elders are not aware of the Policy Document, which languishes in Congregation files all over the world, but it seems is never consulted.

    The Document itself was published on-line by Louise Goode.

    It is not worth the paper it was written on if no Active Protection Programme is in place.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses do not have one, other, even much smaller Organizations and Associations and Clubs do have, children are as safe as can be in those places.

    Children and the vulnerable are at FULL RISK in the JW religion.

    You are a disgusting snivelling liar Lett.

  • sir82

    Wow, 28 Million Dollars was paid out to settle this claim?

    Do we have proof of this?

    It wasn't a "settlement", the WTS lost a civil court trial.They have not paid anything yet, pending appeal.

    There must be over 100 threads on this case. Type "Candace Conti" in the search bar of this site to find them.
  • brandnew
    @Sir82.....yeah! !
  • Finkelstein

    I'm sure the Governing Body members all got together and discussed how they should handle the Candace Conti situation, particularly now that its drawing up a fair amount of its own attention in the media.

    The conversation probably went like this ......

    " Well brothers what should we do with all of this media attention this case has stirred up, they even tried to get Gerrit in court to testify in how the organization has set guidelines for the elders to deal with situations of pedophilia ?

    " You realize we are probably going to get a lot of inquires on the matter by inquisitive and concerned brothers and sisters "

    Stephan Lett speaks up and says .. " I think we can divert attention by simply asserting that these are just falsified lies by apostates against the organization.

    ............ Really how are we to do that ?

    Stephan says .... "Well its my turn to give a talk on , I could say in the talk that all these accusations are being deliberately conducted by lying apostates and we should never listen or pay attention to those dishonest corrupt people .

    ..........ummmmm sounds good Stephan lets go with that approach and while your at it perhaps instill the notion that the brothers and sisters should act in oneness to unify all within the organization to oppose these incredulous lies against the organization in an assertive effort to stand up and protect the organization faithfully in Jehovah's name sake.

    Lets end this meeting with a prayer brothers.

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