would you all consider this a serious threat????

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  • annalice

    Let me start by saying that i have posted here before about my wacko sister -in-law. This time it is bad. We recieved a phone call from my husbands father on Friday night asking about how we were and what we were up to ,no biggie just odd since its only maybe the second time in over a year that he has called. My husband told him that we wernt up to much yada yada end of discussion. It was short and ended. We had my family over at the time and my sister staying with us for the Christmas weekend. So next day after being out shoping all day I come home grab the mail and see a card addressed to my husband in it is a very belated anniversary card with a whole bunch of scriptures all pertaining to Lot. only she left out lots name and put in my husbands name and anywhere it said wife she left that out and put in Son. So it read that Lot was to get out with his Son and leave all others behind because they were beyond help meaning ME. Then at the end of the anniversays card she said to my husband that he had her deepest sympathy.REal nice right? Wait there'more. So when looking at the envcelope we see that it was never postmarked that means she came by and put it in our mailbox. So yesterday I go out to get the mail and there is a card in there postmarked and the envelope has christmas decorations drawn all over it so I just figures it was late getting here so I open it and it is a Christmas card but it starts out inside by saying. " I WILL BURY YOUR CHILDREN AT ARMAGEDDON BUT YOUR WIFES BODY CAN ROT!! YOU LIED TO DAD THE OTHER NIGHT YOU HAD CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP AND PEOPLE OVER AT YOUR HOUSE. YOU ARE LYING TO YOUR SON!!! STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR SON TO THE MEETINGS AND IF YOUR WIFE WANTS TO BE LIKE THAT AND CHEAT!!! ON YOU YOU NEED TO LEAVE HER BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Ok so that shows that she drove by our house and spied on us on friday night. But where the whole cheating thing came from i have no fraking idea. I am 6 months pregnant and have a 1year old at home and i totaly love my husband .so is she making up lies now to get him to leave or is there some rumor going around i dont know about. I am still trying to get ahold of a friend who is still a witness to find out the latest gossip on that one. So my course that i feel i should follow is photo copy all of this material and all the other things she has sent in the past and send them along with a letter to her elders of her congregation asking them to deal with her and that if they do not i will be conntacting the courts to file an order of protection against her and I will have it servedto her when she is there at a sunday meeting. Would you all consider something like this a serious enuogh threat? Do you think the elders would help on this or ignore it since we are fade aways and dont count anymore. I think also maybe i should let them know that i will make this a public as possible will that get them moving on this ? I know the witnesses dont like bad publicity. I am definatly locking my doors she is totally gone off the deep end.

  • MadTiger

    I would follow the course you have considered:

    Give the elders a chance to "get their woman in check" (love to use the old slang - I am not a sexist), with the threat of public humiliation if they don't.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Threatening the elders with a public mess isn't going to get you anywhere. They are smart enough to know that if you contact the courts and get a restraining order it will be public enough, especially if you have it served at the KH. It costs 500.00 here in the states to get a restraining order and they are only good when they are violated. They don't prevent, they only provide punishment if violation can be proved. If you can afford it, go for it. At the very least I would send a copy of all this to the elders if you don't mind answering the question, "Did you have an xmas tree?" Remember, these morons will only respond to the red light that they think is pertinent to their little world. She'll probably get off scott free and your ass will be out. She sounds like she has a box of rocks in her head.

    Good luck,


  • lisavegas420

    I'd skip right over the elders and go straight to the police. What a nut job. Who knows what she'll do next.

    Glad you got to enjoy Christmas with your family...and congrats and the new baby.


  • juni

    Sorry you have the stress from these idiots Annalice - especially when you're 6 months pregnant.

    First off, this is your husband's family! He has the duty to confront wacko dad and mom. What does he have to say in all of this??

    Also, it is against Federal Law to put stuff in peoples' mailboxes.

    I won't say anymore until you answer my question if you want. If not, that's all right too.


  • undercover

    Leaving aside the JW connection, it sounds like your sis-in-law has a few screws loose.

    my course that i feel i should follow is photo copy all of this material and all the other things she has sent in the past and send them along with a letter to her elders of her congregation asking them to deal with her and that if they do not i will be conntacting the courts to file an order of protection against her

    That sounds pretty good, or first, you could talk to her yourself (you and your husband) and tell her to mind her own business and to not send threatening letters again. If you feel that it would only antogonize her, then what you mentioned above is probably a good way to go. Inform her elders that you don't appreciate the threats and if it persists you'll let the real authorities deal with her.

    Try to do everything in writing and keep the paper trail, so you can show later that you attempted to handle it nicely before involving the authorities. And...keep your cool. Sis-in-law doesn't seem to be quite right, so you or your husband getting angry and showing it will only make matters worse. State your position, make promises, not threats and be prepared to follow through with what ever it takes all the while maintaining a cool, professional appearance about it.

  • juni

    Very good suggestions undercover. To make your words mean something always stay cool. That way you don't come across as a flipped out woman. That only makes them feel that they are right about you.

    I've learned that lesson. And it's hard when you're being treated this way. I've got a lot of bite marks on my tongue. lol


  • restrangled


    Go straight to the police and show them what was hand delivered to your mailbox. Although they will tell you they really can't do anything, it will have been reported and on record.

    Its the religious nuts who wind up doing the worst things. Get a copy of the report and send it to the elders with copies of her "threat" mail.

    My husband and I were threatened via the telephone by a former business partner. Thankfully he left it on a recorded message. The police were given the tape and they told us what to do and what rights we had to defend our selves. If someone crosses your door threshhold with the intent to harm, you can take any action for self defense. Because that tape already proved he was out to harm our family, that would have been enough proof.

    The police actually went to his home to "check" on him and were able to confiscate 6 loaded weapons that he had no licenses for. He and his wife left town in the middle of the night and we have never heard from them since.


  • avidbiblereader

    Annalice, these are all excellent suggestions, I have seen the elders go into action but usually it is to protect their own, sad fact but face it. I would do EVERYTHING possible to protect my family both physically and spiritually from this wacko. I wonder how many people there are who wish they would have taken action and regretted not doing so later because they thought the person they were dealing with would of never done _______? I wouldn't let lightening strike once with this person, go to the authorities, going to the elders is like pissing in the ocean and thinking you are bringing up the water level. If anything should happen, they will deny any and everything to protect themselves and the org.


  • poppers

    As mentioned by others, let the police know about her breaking federal law by putting something in your mailbox - and then let her know you did that.

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