Dec KM indicates extreme paranoia over booking hotels NOT on the list

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  • uwishufish

    Gas to the convention $84

    Rooms at an assigned Hotel $675

    Having a buddy save you a seat for your late arrival......Priceless!

    For everything else there's the WTS Mastercard.

  • uwishufish

    I should've added parking $12.50

  • blondie
    The society have encouraged each congregation to sit in their assigned seats

    can someone verify this..

    or is it just irony

    tj, this is one of those things peculiar to certain congregations or districts. Where I live it is encouraged that people try and sit in the section they are assigned to clean. But it is not required. Obviously, people want to sit with friends and family and older and disabled people may not be able to sit in those areas. Unforunately, some elders make it a "rule" that people must sit there. The only ones that tended to sit there were the brother and his family that were assigned to supervise the cleaning of that section. But in 2 congregations I was in that brother sat with his family in another area and just made sure he was over to that section in time to supervise those who volunteered. I'm not surprised about the rules being different. Remember some congregations required that public speakers on the platform must wear white shirts? Some congregations forbade mustaches. Others made a WTS "suggestion" into a rule regarding not sitting in the same area of the hall each time. Blondie

  • Mary
    One of the benefits of contracting with a hotel is they get a number of rooms for free. All the Bethel heavies and their guests have use of these rooms. If the hotel doesn't fill the offered rooms at the agreed-upon rate, they begin reducing the number of free rooms. Since the JWs are told not to even call another hotel that's not on the list, they have no idea that they're getting a bum deal so "Bethel Elder Entitled" can stay at the Double Tree Suites for 4 days free.

    Holy shit, I didn't know that! Here I (foolishly) actually believed their reasons outlined in the KM. I agree with what Gary said; they should at least tell people that that's why they want everyone to stay at the designated hotels: for free rooms. Then again, they're probably afraid that the R&F might get pissed off that a "special few" are getting "free rooms" when they have to actually pay.

  • wiegel

    ...and they think they are losing members NOW? Oh well, this may be part of the separating work: those who can think will leave, the rest will stay and be putty in their hands. How many people really LIKE going to these anyway? They are going to make it such a grueling experience (can you imagine it being any MORE?) that people will just say forget it and stay home. They are getting really scary.

  • hambeak

    Book a room and take a vacation and don't attend any of the convention just get some one to get the new literature and have a good time

    I did in the past almost got nailed for it though as I told them I was volunteering and would meet them later

  • OnTheWayOut

    VM 44 said:

    Did the CO actually said to elders that if they did not stay at a hotel on the list they would be removed?!! Amazing!

    Yes, it was in his outline for the elders, MS. He was behind schedule so he just read it straight- about a year ago.

    "if you talk on your cell phones"

    I might have missed that info. That will go over like the BRING YOUR OWN FOOD rule.
    Many faithful will obey, many elders and others will not. As long as it's on silent, what
    should they care? I used the FM radio on mine with the earpiece to listen to the assembly
    as the sound is often lousy.

    The answer is that the Watchtower does not explain anything to anyone!

    So true. They say- This arrangement is done for the rank and file to benefit from,
    not for any free rooms the leaders might get. Just so we don't get the wrong impression,
    they don't mention any perks they get.

  • Stephanus

    Interesting. The WBTS contends that Jehovah has always had an Organisation. The First Century Governing Body really slipped up on Mary and Joseph's hotel booking - not only did Mary end up giving birth in a stable, but they ended up in Egypt!

  • abbagail

    I forgot to mention... the District Conventions were held here in town for only two years, 1988 and 1989, and both years I was invited to work in the head-honcho office with the District Overbears and wives, doing typing and stuff. It actually was a blast (it beat sitting out in the uncomfortable seats in the auditorium for three days). A lot of chit-chat, laughing, and "excitement" goes on in the backrooms, lol.

    One of those years, I forget which, I think the last one, 1989, the Rooming Dept. had too many "freebie rooms" leftover that were not being used, and they urged -- practically begged -- me to go make use of the room, even though I LIVED like 10 blocks from the convention center. Like an idiot I took them up on it, just to stay in a very nice hotel, huge room, couch, TV, kitchenette, etc. I had hoped my dub friends would come over that night and we could hang out but they were too tired, so I was "inconvenienced" staying in the hotel, and for what? After I was there I could have kicked myself because I would have rather stayed in my OWN bed just down the street from the DC the next morning. Instead I had to get up earlier the next day and drive 10 miles, lol.

    Live and learn.

    So, yes, they do have those "freebie rooms" and obviously some of them don't get used!

    (As for the convention center here, at that last year 1989 they did not book it for the next year because they said they couldn't get the city to give them the price they wanted). I left the org the next May/June anyway, so that worked out good, lol.


    PS: The Overbears for those two conventions were Dave Thomas; w/Horace Milliken being the Circuit Ovebear. Thomas was actually a really cool guy, as was Milliken. (I think Horace was his first name? Too many years to remember).

  • Slick Willie
    Slick Willie

    I work in the hotel business and can tell you it is common practice in the industry for a hotel to not only give "Comp" rooms to the group organizer, but also a CASH REBATE based on the number of paid "room nights."

    In my location we often pay a rebate of $5 per room night, and I work at a budget property. I am sure the rebates are much higher for mid tier or luxury properties in large metro areas. For instance, if you paid for 3 nights in our hotel (as a member of your group) we would write a check to the organizer for $15 (3 room nights) for your room. It can bring in a lot of money for a large organization.

    Although I don't know this as a fact, I suspect that the WTS is negotiating some pretty lucrative rebates from these hotels (which of course the rank and file JW pays) because they can guarantee a full house at $XXX per night. I believe this is why the WTS so blatantly attempts to control where the JW's stay, so they maximize their rebate. If this is the case, it is unlikely they will be getting rid of their rooming department anytime soon!

    Besides the fact that they are apparently not honest with the JW's about this arrangement (and after reading about the Tacoma Dome parking scandal I really have no doubt that they are receiving these rebates) it really shows their "Christian" Fruits of the Spirit that they do not offer at least some of their free rooms to those in the congregation with financial hardship. What love!

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