What JW's think people think of them...lol

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  • sir82
    The co-worker asks: "Aren't they the ones that don't accept blood
    transfusions?" "Yes", the driver replies. "But look at how well dressed and
    well behaved their children are. I wish my children were the same."

    Right....how can anyone be so utterly clueless?

    "They say that Saddam Hussein was guilty of gassing thousands of Kurds."

    "Well, maybe so, but his suits sure were spiffy!...I sure wish I had his tailor."


    "The Hutus killed about 400,000 Tutsis in the 1990's."

    ""But did you notice how colorful their robes were! And they always said 'excuse me' before hacking off limbs with their dull machetes."

  • Dismembered

    One word



  • DoubleVision

    It makes me sick every time they try to make you know Gods thoughts.
    Like they know Gods thoughts……….. Please. The people behind the door know
    the truth about the JWs like we know now.
    Dam, I only wish I had the Internet back then.


    “ Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story “


    I`ve asked people what they think of JW`s.."Liars",was the most common reply...OUTLAW

  • Tigerman

    This would be hilarious if it wasn't true.

  • Sunspot

    You'd think that with ALL the problems on the earth today.....that the angels would have far more inportant issues to be involved with....other than following JWs around and keeping track of who said what and when.


  • parakeet

    "Those Witnesses were by our house today. They sure are persistent."

  • searcher
    The co-worker asks: "Aren't they the ones that don't accept blood
    transfusions?" "Yes", the driver replies.

    Typical that they say in the publications that it's a personal choice, but examples like that show it isn't.

  • Highlander

    So this is how everyone is to be judged prior to the upcoming worldwide genocide?

    I guess it's ok to NOT answer the door for the mormons, bible students, etc, etc, But if you don't answer the door for the j-dubs, then the angels will write you into

    the book of death. How stupid is that?

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    If the Angels are keeping track, why do the JWs have to report their activities?

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