False Prophets - Yes or No?

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  • Clam

    No: "Never in these instances, however, did they presume or originate predictions ‘in the name of Jehovah’. Never did they say ‘These are the words of Jehovah’." (AW 3/22/93)

    Yes: "God has a people on earth, all of whom are prophets, or witnesses for God...Jehovah’s Witnesses." (AW 6/8/86 p9)

    No: "Jehovah’s Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets." (Reasoning, 1985, p136)

    Yes: "In behalf of such individuals who at heart seek God’s rule instead of man’s rule, the ‘prophet’ whom Jehovah has raised up has been, not an individual man as in the case of Jeremiah, but a class. The members of this class are, like the prophet-priest Jeremiah, wholly dedicated to Jehovah God through Christ, and by the begettal of Jehovah’s holy spirit they have been made part of a ‘chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession'." (WT 10/1/82 p27)

    No: "In this regard, however, it must be observed, that the ‘faithful and discrete slave’ was never inspired, never perfect." (WT 3/1/79 p23-4)

    Yes: "The facts substantiate that the remnant of Christ’s anointed disciples have been doing that prophesying to all the nations for a witness in favor of God’s kingdom." (Holy Spirit - The Force Behind the Coming New Order, 1976, p 148)

    No: "They do not claim infalibility or perfection. Neither are they inspired prophets." (WT 5/15/76 p297)

    Yes: "Jehovah has raised up a genuine prophet in our generation. Regardless of how Christendom views or regards this group of anointed witnesses of Jehovah, the time must come, and that shortly, when those making up Christendom, will know that really a ‘prophet’ of Jehovah was among them. (The Nations Shall Know, 1971).

    No: "No, the ‘Watchtower’ is no inspired prophet, but it follows and explains a book of prophecy the predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing until now." (WT 69 1/1 p2)

    Yes: "Through this agency he is having carried out prophesying on an unprecedented and unparalled scale." (WT 64 6/15)

    No: "Jehovah’s people confess no powers of inspiration today" (WT 52 4/15 p253)

    Yes: "Jehovah God has made known to his anointed ones in advance what these scriptures mean." (WT 31 6/1 p 160)

    Yes or No?

  • crazyblondeb

    I'm sorry, I got dizzy. What was the question?????

  • Abandoned

    They truly are not prophets of god but that's only because they are prophets of themselves. They have elevated their own distorted view of the world and the bible to a level that makes god immaterial. First they took jesus's place as the mediator and now they have taken over jehovah's job of judging.

  • OnTheWayOut

    They claim the prophet status for the group as a whole, then deny it for the individuals and the magazine.
    Then other times they say the group is not inspired, and just in case, they don't proclaim
    IN JEHOVAH's NAME. Pure nonsense.

    They cover both sides so they can refer back to what they said. They don't really get it that
    in this modern computer age, we are able to look up and store both sides of their answers.
    That makes them a false prophet- yes. Of course they speak in the name of God- at least in their
    opinion. If they don't, then we should not bother with their proclamations. If they do, and they are
    wrong, then we should stop bothering with their proclamations.

    It does kinda make ya dizzy.

  • mrsjones5

    All those yeses and noes, they sound so confused. It's a big fat YES.

  • carla

    Shouldn't you include what the masthead said prior 1995? something about the creators promise? sorry I can't remember the quote, too many recipes floating in my head at the moment. Time to check what's cooking!

  • NeonMadman

    What they're trying to accomplish is plausible deniability. They want members of the group to accept them as God's spokespersons, so that their authority will be absolute. But they have to be able to deny the completely legitimate charge of being false prophets. Hence the waffling demonstrated in the list of quotations. It's really a fine line they are walking, but they have the rank and file so brainwashed that it's worked for all these years.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    And I actually bought that??? It truly is nonsense.

    Given the fact that NONE of their predictions for the future have come true - I'd say Yes

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Great post. I think I'll print that out and send it out to every jw I know. Maybe make em think a little

    Scripturally speaking, I would classify them as false prophets.

  • TopHat

    Old men they are.....the only visions they have are, visions of grandeur

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