Did You Ever REALLY Love "Jehovah God"?

by minimus 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Looking back, honestly, do you think you ever really loved Jehovah???

  • Nosferatu

    Well, I tried to love him, but he didn't show it back. How can I love an asshole?

  • Junction-Guy

    Not "their" Jehovah

  • minimus

    So, when you were a Witness, you didn't "love" Jehovah???

  • LittleToe

    Yup, in the manner proscribed.

    Then I found out that I had never known what love was; nor that their focus was unChristian; nor that their portrayal of God was completely inaccurate, being an anthropomorphised collage of the WTS Presidents (think about that one).

    But I got better

  • xjwms

    At one time I thought I did.

    The reason was, .. that he provided me with so many loving associates

    People I could trust, .. and surround myself with.


    Now I know that it was just not true.


  • Junction-Guy

    I loved God, but not their concept of God, I definitely didnt love their organization, I never got misty eyed at conventions, nor had any warm fuzzy feelings for the meetings. I always doubted they had the truth, but never had no proof otherwise. I finally just gave up on the religion, and figured, "Oh well, I guess Armageddon will be here soon, but maybe not" I never knew for sure one way or the other. I couldnt be completely worldy, and I couldnt be completely JW, I was stuck in the middle in no mans land.

  • pobthespazz

    Er.. No , never did never will, that angry destructive Hebrew god? Not very likable is he?

  • minimus

    Honestly, how can we LOVE someone we can't see? JWs like to believe that Jehovah God answers prayers...but did He ever, really??

  • AlmostAtheist

    >>Honestly, how can we LOVE someone we can't see?

    I often pictured Jehovah on his throne, and me sitting on his lap, hugging him and him hugging me back. I totally loved the guy, like a child loves his father. I appreciated his provision of the earth and his organization, the whole shmeer. I even thanked him over and over for killing his son instead of me.

    Seems so totally freaky now!


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