He asked..."Is this for Christmas?" I said," Yes."..oops he is a Witness!!!

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Hi again...

    Well as you can imagine, celebrating Christmas for the very first time EVER is quite exciting!! I got out all my Christmas cards, have most of my shopping done and baked my brains out!! Oh but what fun times we are having!! It is so funny.. I keep waiting to feel "bad" or "guilty" and I just don't.

    Anyway.... I have to share this experience I just had today. It was so funny I could hardly contain myself!

    I was at this local store inquiring about a gift for my husband for Christmas. The store manager was very nice and since he had only one item left in the store, he would need time to box it up since I was buying the floor model. (Sorry I cannot say what it is.. my husband is on here regularly..) The guy said.."How soon do you need it..is it for Christmas?" I said " Yes." He said,"Oh OK". And we made arrangements for him to call me to come pick it up later because I was short for time. I gave him my business card and said to call me when it was ready.

    He said.."Oh you work at so and so??" I said "yes." He said, "I have a friend who works there too..it is so and so." I said," Oh.. yes, I know her..(it was a witness I have known for years!) So.. we continued in our conversation and low and behold he asked me what my husbands fathers name was.. I told him. He said, "I know him!! I am a Jehovah's Witness, and we are in the same hall!" I about started laughing because he then looked really bewildered.. I said, "Oh O.K.." I know he was trying to figure out why I was buying my husband a Christmas present..It was especially funny when I got in my car to drive away..with the wreath on the grill of my car!!

    We are not D'Fd YET!! But I am sure it will be coming soon!! We have'nt been to a meeting in almost 2 years.. My wreath on my car is my way of saying to all.."You have no hold on me any longer!!" I FINALLY feel I have reached the point where I am no longer afraid of them. Before if this incident would of happened I would have been scared that I would be D'fd. But now..it strikes me as a very funny experience. I can only imagine what they will be saying now!! Hopefully though they will get the message ..."How do you like me now??!!!"


    Lady Liberty

  • jayhawk1

    Cute story...

  • truthsetsonefree

    That is an awesome story. That will probably be me next year, (minus the baking) though my kid is hinting at getting a Christmas present for this year. This past October was my kid's birthday. We went out, I got her a Nintendo DS Lite (pink of course) and went we went to a local restaurant my wife dares me to get the waiters to come over with cake and sing Happy Birthday. I wanted to, yet I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Of course I knew my wife would and she did. It was great, but that built-in fear was still over-powering. Didn't feel too bad about it though.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    he would need time to box it up since I was buying the floor model. ......The guy said.."How soon do you need it..is it for Christmas?" I said " Yes." He said,"Oh OK"

    Very strange how the jw mind works - are they allowed to sell guns if they don't use them themselves ?

  • jaguarbass

    Good for you Lady Liberty

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    dear Lady, We must be about at the same stage of breaking free! Congratulations dear! It is SO MUCH FUN and no guilt. I've been thinking of putting a wreath or bow on my vehicle too! Merry Christmas Lady Liberty and much happiness to you and yours.

  • VanillaMocha73

    I work with a JW who makes a big deal of it, chastising someone for mentioning a Christmas present, etc. She knows I'm df'd but thinks I'm coming back, altho the cross I wear must give something away. (She was loud about that one too - "You are wearing a cross!! Why? How weird?") Anyway, I want a Christmas tree on my desk!!!!

  • mrsjones5
    Anyway, I want a Christmas tree on my desk!!!!

    Yeah! Get one! I've seen some table top trees at Joann's for a buck fifty. You could get mini ornaments and dress is up cute.

  • reneeisorym

    This is my first real Christmas. Last year I got to exchange gifts but couldn't decorate because I lived in a neighborhood owned and controlled by JWs... and I wasn't DAed yet either.

    This year I have had so much fun too!! I'm so happy for you and I know how you feel. I got to decorate my house all over with Christmas stuff and put lights in the yard. I decorated the office and even have a Christmas tree on my desk. I went to a Christmas program Saturday at church and wore tree eaarings, ornament necklace, and a candy cane pen. :)

    It so much fun ... and guilt free. Everyone keeps asking me if the holiday is hard on me since I can't have my family near. I am glad my family isn't "near" because they would completely take away this holiday joy!! ... How can being this happy be wrong anyway??!!

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    Lady Liberty,

    It is so liberating to be able to do what we want and not be worrying about pleasing someone else's sense of right and wrong. To finally be allowed to listen to our own inner voice and decide for ourselves what is right/wrong, how to treat others, how to view things, etc. I am so happy for you that you are breaking free and starting to live again! Wife and I DAd in September. We have never felt better. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

    also, off topic, but...

    he would need time to box it up since I was buying the floor model. ......The guy said.."How soon do you need it..is it for Christmas?" I said " Yes." He said,"Oh OK"
    Very strange how the jw mind works - are they allowed to sell guns if they don't use them themselves ?

    Huh? Ofcourse dubs can sell firearms. The entire 14 years we were in I still had my firearms from before the dubs ever came into my life. Towards the middle of my being in, I even started to build up my collection of both long and short guns, began reloading my own ammunition, and to took up target shooting as a hobby. Many elders in the 3 congregations mutually sharing the KH in my town knew it. Many of the brothers have firearms and archery equipment. Some hunt, some varmint exterminate, some target shoot for a hobby. We have a large farming community here. We all talked about firearms openly. Very typical 16th birthday present is a .22 rifle around here for farm-boys. BB guns are given around 12th birthday many times. Firearms are just tools. Just like hammers, saws, or anything else. Any elder or other uppity witness who ever forgot that around me always got put in their place quiclky and easily with the scripture about Jesus asking the disciples if they had swords. Since Jesus was OK with weapons (and even prompted the disciples) for use against animals, then it is fine for us to have weapons as well. We just shouldn't shoot people. The last two sentences are WT interpretation, not my personal belief, and I'm not going there right now. Speaking of which, I need to make some time to get back out to the range and perforate some paper targets. Merry Christmas everybody! LDB

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