He asked..."Is this for Christmas?" I said," Yes."..oops he is a Witness!!!

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Thank you all for your replys..

    It really is amazing when you begin really doing the research on Christmas, that it is no more pagan then half the other things JWs are allowed to participate in. Some time ago I did a thread on how pagan the wedding ceremonies are. If Witnesses have a problem with Christmas, they need to do a little research on the elaborate weddings they attend and throw.

    Anyhow.. I want to wish you all lots of happieness and joy during this special time of year. No matter what day was really Jesus birth..the fact still remains, that him lowering himself to a lowley human on our behalf, deserves rememberance and honor! He didn't show up here a strong "man". But just a infant. How humble!!! I cannot think of a MORE reason, then his death of course, remember, honor and to celebrate!!

    When you think about it it doesn't make sence why the JWs don't have any problem throwing or recieving a baby shower. Lots of gifts cake and friends. All in honor of the baby. Are they not in reality celebrating the "birth" of that baby?? Then why exactly one year later, do they have to completly ignore the fact that the baby was born. In essence, it is ok to celebrate the "0" year, but not the following years!

    Thank goodness we no longer are captive to such unscriptural thinking!!!

    "Merry Christmas" to all of you and yours!!


    Lady Liberty

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    My brother's wife was a JW and celebrated x-mas and was Dfed. He didn't stop her so he was Dfed too. He said he rather had his wife than the WT crap. Now they decorate the outside of their house for all the holidays just to show they don't follow their rules anymore and don't care who knows it.

    Ken P.

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