who besides me turned a friend into the elders for something trivial?

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  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    I told on a girl for liking a worldy boy at school. Me and another brother actually waited down the street from the boys house to see if she went there after school, just to get some proof for the eders. I cant believe i did that:( Did anyone else spy on another witness like i did?

  • Poztate

    Never turned in a friend but did turn in an elder's daughter for fornicating all over the place.The funny thing was she was never DF'ed and the elders seemed to be a little distant after that. Only a coincidence I am sure.

  • Tigerman

    It's so sad when an organization cultivates the tattle tale mentality in its followers . . .just another ' tie that binds ' them to the group.

  • Highlander

    I have to not so proudly raise my hand to the question and answer yes.

    I turned in a roommate on one occasion, and my brother on another.

    Ironically, I am now the inactive™, spritually weak™ one, while my brother is now the gungho, zealous™, spiritual minded™ one in the family.

    Strange how things turn out.

  • sandy

    I also turned my best friend in at the time I turned myself in. I felt so bad after the fact. We can laugh about it now . . . Thank God! But she was upset with me for a while.

  • Effervescent

    To my everlasting shame, I did.

    She was my best friend too. She was "going out with" a worldly boy at school. I knew the gig was up for her though, I had heard scraps of information from phone calls my Dad was getting. I knew her parents had found a note I had written to her that had some sort of incriminating information in it. My Dad gave a special needs talk at the next service meeting all about having knowledge of anothers sin and if you know and don't tell, you are sharing in it. I still remember the horror of having him stare at me through the entire talk. I guess everyone knew what I was in trouble for when I met with the elders after that meeting!

    Really I just admitted to what they already knew... but still... I hated that I caved at the first sign of trouble for myself. Ugh.

    The good news was I left the cult within weeks of that meeting and the following Judicial meeting.

  • Anony-Mouse

    Turned in a kid from my school because he was wearing a cross.

    I was so proud of myself....

    Kinda funny, his freinds almost 'roughed me up' afterwords. Thankfully I've been tough looking the past few years, so they didn't lay a hand on me...I probably would have thought it was 'persecution'.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith


  • jaguarbass

    No, I never did.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Panic,

    I did the unthinkable and ratted on my own son. Shame on me.


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