who besides me turned a friend into the elders for something trivial?

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  • RR

    I turned in my best friend at the time. When I first became a witness, he and I became good friends. I figured, who could I go wrong, his brother and father are elders. Wrong! This guy was a drunkard, even the kool aid was spiked with vodka. Well, after seeing him drunk more times than I saw him sober. I went to the elders out of concern for him as my friend. He held it against me for a little while, then forgave me. Alcohol ruined his life, he got married, got divorce, got df'd. Lost touch!


  • megsmomma

    Yes....me too. (oh the shame!) I felt like it was an obligation. I have also been told on. It is sooooo petty.

  • tan

    I never told on anyone but was disfellowshipped twice because someone told on me. I remember the first time the girl that told on me said that her parents were making her. She was just as guilty as I was and she told on me.

    The second time the girl told on me, I got df and she later left and was df for her own personal mistakes. She couldn't look at me after that.

    I'm so glad that I don't have to go through all of that sh** now.

  • GentlyFeral

    I managed to rat out a friend by accident. She was planning to have her tubes tied after 5 kids.

    I had recently been impressed by the way the congregation rallied around a sister who had broken her foot (elder's wife, but they were down-home southern African-American folk, so I don't hold that against her /:)). So I told the elders sister Frazzled was planning to have surgery and could surely use the congregation's help afterwards.

    I did not tell them what kind of surgery.

    A few days later she came up to me and snarled, "Thanks for nothing, GentlyFeral!" Turns out it's "wrong" to have your tubes tied and they'd talked her out of it.


  • mouthy

    I have to not so proudly raise my hand to the question and answer yes.

    Me too. I told on a Brother? who was sleeping with my friend ( she was not a JW) He was D/f but then got reinstated & married my friend. She became a JW.... Then I ratted on him again when he was smoking...He was D/F again. But stopped smoking after he got esophugus cancer..& was reinstated... they both died as JWS after I was D/F I loved them both very much....I really dislike Mouthy for some of the things I did as a LOYAL follower of a false Prophet.

  • moshe

    No, I never turned anybody in for wrongdoing- I was too busy looking over my shoulder trying to make sure I didn't get caught.


    I can happily say that I never turned anyone in. I had too much dirt in my own life. Why be a hypocrite?

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Guilty as charged. :(

  • JAVA

    I turned in someone for cleaning the union hall during a strike. He wouldn't walk the picket line, but in order to get the union-strike pay he cleaned the union hall. JWs were are not allowed to take part in strikes in any way (maybe they still can't) and I ran to the elders about this sin. The guy is still a JW (this happened about 25-years ago)--some folks never seem to learn.

    It's shamefull to think about the things you did as a brain-dead JW.

  • bonnzo

    like a dumb ass, i turned myself in 4 times and got d'f'd 2 times. i should kick my own ass.

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