2006 WorldWide Service Report

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  • jwfacts

    I think the numbers are quite accurate. If they wanted to fix them they would be reducing the number of the memorial partakers. In all the congregations around me they have had fairly consistent numbers at meetings for many years, which is in line with the number of Aust publishers showing little change over 10 years.

    What the numbers do not show is how many of the publishers actually believe in the Watchtower Society, or how many do the hours that they report. I am sure as I did for many years that there are a growing number that report just to keep the elders off their back.

    I would love to see a Standard Deviation showing what the median hours are and how many publishers just report 1 hour.

  • jayhawk1

    A 1% increase in memorial partakers! That's incredible! Jehovah must be constantly picking the wrong people to rule in heaven with him. You would think an all-knowing God could do a better job knowing who would remain faithful to death to be his anointed.

  • truthsetsonefree
    Don't forget the most important part! In 2005 the av. pub number was 6,390,022. In 2006 it was 6,491,775.

    When you subtract 2005 from 2006 you get 101,753. Now compare that to the baptism numbers for 06 of 269,577 and you get a difference of 167,824. So with a world wide recruitment program that forces to do billions of hours worth of 'preaching' they actually loose more people in this work than they gain every year. Even if you take out %1 for mortality rate, you still are left with the facts that for every 1 JW that becomes active 1.5 stops. More are leaving than coming in.

    This is what really counts. As for those 234 new partakers, the GB considers them fakes anyway. tsof

  • jayhawk1

    The GB might consider them fakes, and I don't have a problem if they do. Why don't they put an asterisk by the number and say it could include fakes?

    Like everybody else, I cheer the fact that their numbers are stagnant.

  • dozy

    As to why the number of reported "anointed" ones will never decrease - see the following post: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/123704/2187319/post.ashx#2187319 ( I did forecast an increase this year , by the way .) By definition , if the new anointed are to be explained away as replacements , then the figure can never increase (just as the number of players in a football team can never exceed 11 - any new players are merely substitutes for exisiting ones).

    The GB (privately) regard the new anointed as frauds (notice that they call them partakers , rather than anointed) , but cannot publicly declare this , or even bring out "new light" to stop any new anointed ones declaring themselves , as this would accelerate their own demise (as they need a new member or two every year anyway). To stem the flow , they will have to give an even stronger talk at this years memorial but it will have little effect.

    And yes - the memorial attendance is volatile - there tends to be a much greater attendance when it falls on a weekend rather than on a weekday.

  • sspo

    I don't think they are fixing the numbers, still going to meetings and talking to others in many states, there is not much increase in the local congr. but they are not dropping out either.

    So when we look at the increase of 101000 new ones, after spending so many hours out in the field, really then their preaching work is a failure.

    Many other religions that don't preach have done much better.

  • Jourles
    A 1% increase in memorial partakers!

    Actually, the amount of partakers from 2005 to 2006 increased over 2.7%. Compare that to the worldwide growth of 1.6% and something is definitely off.

    Personally, I believe that the amount of wackos has increased by 2.7% over last year. Which makes total sense if you take a conregation of 100 pubs --- usually a couple folks have mental issues. The question then becomes, are they mental enough to partake?

  • M.J.

    Only 2% increase in Mexico! From what I remember Mexico's increases have led the pack in recent years.

  • jayhawk1

    Jourles, maybe you can help me out with my math so I can come up with your 2.7% increase. As far as I knew you divide one number by the other number and that decimal gives you your percent.

    2005 partakers = 8,524

    2006 partakers = 8,758

    Now is that 8,524 / 8,758 = .9732815

    Or is that 8,758 / 8,524 = 1.0274519

    Maybe you can help me out on my math, because I apparently didn't get it right. Either way, there is an increase of 234 people over last year. That's not a positive thing for the JW who wants to see that number approach zero.

  • Jourles


    First, we take the difference between the two years - 234. Then we divide 234 by 8,524 which gives us our actual increase percentage - .02745. To verify that this works, multiply 8,524 with .02745 or 2.745% and add that amount to 8,524. You will see that a >2.7% increase over 8,524 equals 234.

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