2006 WorldWide Service Report

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  • jwfacts

    The following graphs appear at http://jwfacts.com/index_files/statistics.htm with information on how they have been derived. Although the growth of 1.6% is slightly more than the 1.3% of 2005 in most other indicators 2006 has shown further decline over 2005, and a dramatic decline over figure 10 years ago.

  • Neo

    Thanks, Midget-Sasquatch. That's even worse than what was told to me.

    The actual growth for 2006 is 1.6%!

    My sources got the other numbers right, but now I see they miscalculated their 1.9% increase. They compared the peak of 2005 with the peak of 2006. The peak for 2005 was 6,613,829. For 2006, it was 6,741,444. So it was a 1.9% growth. But the number that has any real validity is the average number of publishers: in this case, the percentage is 1.6, the number found in the official report. This number is exactly within the margin I though it would be.

    Too bad for them. They can't score like they used to. Their decline is undoubtly confirmed.


  • jwfacts

    My favourite statistic is the number of countries that have zero of negative growth. This year it was 60 countries. Some of the 0% countries have slight growth, but there are 47 countries with real negative growth. That is; in 25% of the world Jehovahs witnesses are declining.

  • observador

    In Brazil, for two years in a row now the percentage of publishers increase is stuck in 2%.

    This is significant, as this is a third-world country with growth of developed nations. :)

    This is joyous indeed. Seems like the Internet is taking a toll in there.

    I remember from not so long ago the increase would be in the two digits. When the speaker was talking giving out these numbers in Assemblies, the audience would break in applause after every little figure that would come out of his mouth, barely letting him finish. THAT TIME IS OVER!


  • jwfacts

    Here is a chart of the memorial partakers since 1991. It doesn't look like those 90 year olds are dieing very quickly.


  • slimboyfat

    Thanks for posting the figures. Looks like the Witnesses are just bumping along. Nothing dramatic either ways...

  • ballistic

    When you think how many billions of hours are wasted... how few "new ones" are actually new and not children of witnesses, and the shift from Western to developing countries, all this is very interesting. However, I'm not sitting on the edge of my seat expecting the sudden demise of the Watchtower. I think this will be more of a long term result.

    If they announced in 2014 that Jesus had come back again because he forgot his sandals and everyone should jump on the next cloud that comes along, there would still be some idiots following it. There's one born every minute.

  • ozziepost

    Thanks Midget and JWFacts for posting this, it was worth the time and we appreciate it.

    Like others, I note that the established areas of the world are showing nil growth or decreases whilst the areas of the world that are new to dubdom are the ones showing the increases. we see Japan still languishing and then there's Poland and New Zealand showing 1% decreases! We can imagine how sensible the folks are there but I wonder whether migration might be a factor in the declines there?

    I muse about what the WTS's spin on this will be? Emphasise the 1.6% increase and ignore the 'bad news'?

  • Gill

    8758 Memorial partakers!!! Now that brings to mind Lovelylil's thread where she says that Elders are being asked to put pressure on those claiming to be annointed to change their minds! Now you can see why! One of the only real growth factors in the WTBTs is the amount of Memorial Partakers. They keep growing and growing. Would anyone like to work out that percentage as I'm just too lazy.

    Perhaps it this New Apostate Group the 'New Annointed' that have infiltrated the Watchtower.

    Whatever, it's still an embarrassment to the bOrg.

    And also, how come they only spent $111 million dollars on Special pioneers, missionaries and travelling overseers. That's a bit tight for such a big coorporation and in comparison to the amount of contributions they rake in!

  • jwfacts

    Here are some interesting bits and pieces:

    • Bible studies have continued to rise each year, but baptisms are generally falling
    • Average hours of witnessing rose in 2006 from 200 hrs to 205 hours but are still down on the 232 hours of 1995
    • Only 6 countries with over 5000 publishers had 5% growth or more, mostly from Africa
    • Bangladesh has only 1 JW for every 1,377,246 people
    • St Helena has 1 JW for every 30 people (how annoying must it be living there)

    In the following countries - Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Thailand and Turkey there are a total of 3 billion people (half the global population) but only 40,000 Witnesses. This means there is less than 1 JW for every 70,000 people. If the 'good news is to be preached in all the inhabited world' there is no chance that this will ever be achieved by Jehovah’s Witnesses as aound half the global population have never heard of Jehovah. These countries represent Africans, Indians, Asians and Europeans, showing that no particular group are genetically disposed to be goat-like.

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