Funny about this board!

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  • MeneMene

    "Please don't lecture me on manners when you go back and read people's post from the past when they may have been hurt, upset, depressed, confused, drunk, whathaveyou and then bring them up again." ... I am not a debater and not nearly as smart as the rest of you guys but, 5th, your statement just hit me as something the WTS could say about their past literature. They don't want us looking closely at their past stuff either.

  • sf
    in my opinion, the WT is a publishing, real estate and insurance company masquerading as a religion. I believe they started building "plain jane" Kingdom Halls without any symbols so they could quickly move them on the market some day "soon" when their tax evasion charade comes crashing down. Add the pedophile lawsuits and they'll need to start offloading assets pronto. Of course we'll be told it's "persecution" and not rats leaving a sinking ship.

    So, I believe 5thGen's assertion is correct. I apologize, 5th, if I didn't make myself clearer. And anyone whose family has been in for 100 years is a great historic (primary) resource for the board. It would be a shame if you stopped sharing just because some disagree.

    Great post. I concur on all levels.

    Welcome to the forum.


  • kwintestal

    The truth as I see it is more important then your facts. That's a fact in itself. Get over it.


  • juni

    The only fact I'm assured of is that W's (FinallyFree) cockatoo is in the Christmas spirit!

    He's so pretty W!!


  • Mystla

    I agree that people on this board tend to over analyze things. They pick everything apart into little tiny pieces and examine each bit for truth or falsehood. I have seen some rediculous things examined at the minutest detail on this board. And many times people have delighted in exposing some truth (however minor... like whether or not some comedian actually said something that was attributed to him)

    But, isn't that what this board is all about? We have all learned the hard way to question what we are told. The wts told us many many "facts" that were complete bs. Now that we know we were duped once, we have learned to examine everything and determine for ourselves whether or not something is "fact". If we go back to just nodding in agreement everytime someone says something is fact.. we might as well go back to being dubs.

    I do think that sometimes people go a little overboard.. but some of them are new to this (thinking for themselves, that is) I know it took me a while to not care whether or not every little detail was correct.. sometimes it doesn't matter.

    The very nature of this board is to question everything. If you post it.. it will be questioned.. and that's a Fact!!


  • Honesty
    You`people dissect things to death.

    Got any proof ?

  • jaguarbass

    5th generation, Ask your doctor about paxil. Then youll be able to chill out and enjoy the ride bro.

    Or maybe this free thinking thing is not for you. You might need the rigidity and black and white approach to life that the cult offers. It sound's like you would make a good elder or circuit servant. This freedom is not for everybody.

  • 5thGeneration

    Thanks Jag,

    100 posts later, this all started by my saying that the Society banned WT symbols on Kingdom Halls. Which they did.

    What a crime.

    However, I've since discovered that people who stopped being JW's decades ago know better. Go figure!

    I guess I do need some Paxil!

  • mouthy

    The WBTS teaches that God's name is Jehovah. Go ahead, argue it!

    No I wont argue with it is WRONG!! to teach that Gods name is Jehovah..
    Gods name is "I AM" Maybe a better rendiction ( not the real name should be pronounsed Yahweh!!!.. No argument there ...You will have many who will reply NOT TRUE Grace.... But I still have my opinion I can understand why you had a fight with your wife your a nit picker ((((hugs I always insult those Iove.

  • exjdub

    5th Gen said:

    Enjoyed your condescending attitude. gotta chill out. The only condescending one in the room is you Bro! You seem to be hung up on "teaching" and trying to get everyone to learn. Just because nobody here bows to your arrogance does not mean that they don't want to learn, nor does the fact that they have the gall to question your "facts". If you don't like it that people offer up contrary opinions, as well as pictures disagreeing with you, then don't post on a public forum. The real hoot is that your subject, although apparently captivating to you, is a big deal.


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