Why did you choose the Alias that you did?

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  • JimWood

    I've met a lot of dub's over the years and hope to reconnect with some of them as ex-dubs. Also I hope by using my name an sometimes giving hints about where I live (ENDWELL, NY) I will be able to get a JC in the near future. The Icon just reminds me of how I've always felt about knockin' on doors.

  • crazyblondeb

    blondmoment crazy (me) + blonde (me) + b (for b***h) = shelley (me)

    I use txtornado on the other boards. A nick given to me by the first love of my life that I met the week I left the borg. Ever heard the Tracy Lawrence song "Texas Tornado"? After I left Missouri to go to Texas, I'd blow in and out of his life whenever he wasn't expecting it. So he called me his "txtornado". Since then, several others have told me the same. I show up when they least expect it, and blow back out again. Can u tell I have a problem with relationships? banghead

  • skyking

    Was my nickname growing up and if some of the DUBS lurk here that I know they will have to wonder if it is me. Then maybe they will stick around a while longer.

  • banished1

    Banished represents the two times I was thrown out by my family and loved ones First by my own father and mother for getting baptized as a JW Second by my JW friends and family years later Like the others have stated getting thrown out on your own is horribly painful and a lonely experience. But it can have a strengthening effect as well. I too have managed to survive and have developed an inner confidence that I can overcome most adversity. I have made a lovely life here in exile. But the name and sad face are a reminder that every now and then a deep inner pain wells up inside me and stabs me in the heart and gut when I least expect it. I can be out in nature and looking at a waterfall or at a summer gathering of friends or townfolk and be watching children playing or in my house doing something. At these times my mind wanders back to times past and faces emerge in my thoughts...faces of those I called my loving parents or my dear friends. At this time I am weakened by an attack of deep sorrow and then the sorrow turns to anger, anger that I didnt stand up to the crap and the mistreatment at the time. I am here because that sorrow and that anger are part of my life now and I must accept that. Every time I post here I grow a little stronger and achieve a little more distance in my emotions over the past. I wish I could take a pill to forget forever my involvement with the JWs. But there is no magic pill for that. I appreciate this forum and all of you who participate in it. Because of you and this forum this sad face is not my real face all the time anymore.

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    I pioneered for far too long. . . We had an elder from the south who would say pioneer spirit and it sounded like pioneer spit, this is from way way back when my mom and I pioneered together, and we'd laugh during the meetings at this. Then there was this older sister from Barbados who pioneered for a while and she'd spit out in service and as irritating as it was. . .anyways.

    Now I see how well pioneer spit summed it all up.


    It go`s perfectly with my wardrobe...OUTLAW

  • Forscher

    der Forscher (-) researcher, research scientist; explorer.

    That is the definition of the word according to the Das Wort des Tages page at http://german.about.com/library/definitions/bldef_wt_031211.htm

    I see myself more in terms of the contonation of an explorer trying to explore the possibilities away from the bOrg.


  • Alpheta

    Alpheta is an anglized version of Alphito, which is one of the names by whom is known the "White Goddess." Having nothing to do with Caucasian, by the way. Robert Graves wrote a most excellent book on the subject. I've been reading it since 2001 and still not quite half-way through!

  • AudeSapere

    When I first found this site I lurked and did not register. Then there was a reference to a thread that I wanted to see but couldn't unless I registered. I was t-e-r-r-i-f-i-e-d, which was actually quite silly since I hadn't been to a meeting in about 12 or 13 years. (That terror helped me appreciate the term 'high control group'.) I registered with the alias: I_Dare. A couple of days later I was reading an article and came across a latin phrase: Aude Sapere. The phrase was translated as: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding. Totally appropriate for me and how I felt when I joined. So I changed my nick.

    Interesting addition: Yesterday I googled 'Aude Sapere' and found a slightly different translation: Dare to Think for Yourself. Pretty cool alias for an ex-dub. Don't you think??

    -Denise. aka Aude.

  • FlyingHighNow

    When you're set free from the mental, spiritual and physical bondage to the WTBTS org., you tend to feel weightless, like you're flying high and free. You know? When you don't have to do that horrendous meeting and study schedule and field service and go to three assemblies a year.... When you can celebrate holidays again and not freak out with anxiety when you say good luck, yeah, you're going to fly high.

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