Hypnotic method of WTS

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I was reading various materials from the web and came across information that suggests that J.F.Rutherford

    learned to use hypnotic study methods. Study books for students engage the left brain and right brain,

    one after the other, by rhetorical questions followed by a scripture that seems to support them.

    The study itself engages the left then right brain by having 2 JWs discuss the information to you, going back and forth.

    The mind is pleased with this stimulation and doesn't take time to analyze the information, itself.

    The WT meeting and book study meeting do the same thing. A brother reads, switch over to the conductor

    asking a question, switch to people commenting on the exact same thing they just read, keep the audience

    hypnotized. ANY COMMENTS- is this why some of us were tricked into thinking we did analyze this religion?

  • greendawn

    I wouldn't be surprised if they sought the advice of spin doctors to help them hypnotise and manipulate the masses much of what they do seems to make use of subtle mind control methods and unfortunately the masses are very naive and easily deceived.

    They certainly have the money to get such services. So much for being inspired by God.

  • DavidChristopher

    Who always asks the questions?

    Is not the "right" answer what THEY consider right and teach?

    What would be their reaction..if you answered one of their questions with an answer they had not provided....would they consider it to be right or wrong?

    Would it be discussed in front of everyone...or dealt with behind closed doors?

  • Honesty
    Would it be discussed in front of everyone...or dealt with behind closed doors?

    It's commonly known as a 'JC' in JW circles.

  • Satanus

    Can you explain more, how the study method is hypnotic?


  • Genesis

    Looking at the smoking hot sisters at the assemblies is hypnotic |

  • OnTheWayOut
    SatanusRe: Hypnotic method of WTS

    Can you explain more, how the study method is hypnotic?

    The entire ebook can be downloaded from http://www.energeticsolutions.com.au/great_watchtower_deception.html

    It's dry long reading, so I will give some basics.

    The student method is this:

    "They never study from the Bible. One [teacher] will read a little bit of their study story and the other will read the bible verse quoted in the story..., a bit of story, then a Bible verse, etc. As you read along with them, the little bit of story stimulates your right brain and the Bible verse stimulates your left brain, so it causes a continuous and definite back and forth thinking action, which creates the same effect as a swinging pendulum. This specially designed study story will have a gradual hypnotic effect even if you only study with one of them as it is the different subjects of reading, causing the left brain-right brain use. When two of them are present however, this back and forth action of the mind is further stimulated by hearing the person on your left, then the person on your right. Back and forth, back and forth. This prevents your mind from finding time to examine the information, which is the prerequisite of hypnosis. Their main meetings follow the same format and have done, since Joseph Rutherford, learned this principle from Freud around 1914.

    I will continue with some more facts.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The article mentions that it is clear that JW minds have been hypnotized. When asked questions of doctrine and shown clear proof from scriptures that conflict with their understanding, their mind goes to familiar scripures or sayings.

    Example given was, point out the context of the scriptures about blood and the witness mind uses the mantra, "ABSTAIN FROM BLOOD."

    Commercial marketers used some of the hypnotic methods, and proved the four-step process of conscious hypnosis.

    1. Design unique descriptive names called "triggering phrases" that the unconscious mind can easily associate with the product being marketed. (Example: "JEHOVAH" and "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" and an entire [theocratic] language unique to them.)

    2. Establish an atmosphere of competition that conditions people to "think" they are winners, when they actually don't win anything at all. (Examples: Nintendo promotes a competition of saving the most [video] characters or finishing first. Watchtower promotes an atmosphere of competition in saving the most souls, or winning "everlasting life.")

    3. Create an image that appears envious to others and that also appears to accompany a high self-esteem. (Example: Watchtower promotes admiration of those who collect the most newcomers to the congregation or who live more in harmony with the ideal lifestyle- in lifestories, interviews, promotion to M.S. and elder, giving the title "pioneer")

    4. Lay claim to having a unique product or service that no other company has. (Example: Watchtower claims to be the only religion that can offer salvation, all others will be destroyed.)

    This article also says that standard hypnotic methods which are used to remove phobias are used to instill fears in JWs. Fears of destruction at Armegeddon, fear of God, fear of Satan, fear of a bunch of "worldly" stuff.

  • jayhawk1

    1.to put in the hypnotic state.
    2.to influence, control, or direct completely, as by personal charm, words, or domination: The speaker hypnotized the audience with his powerful personality.
    3.to frighten or startle so that movement is impossible: The headlights hypnotized the deer and it just stood staring at the oncoming car.
    4.to practice hypnosis; put or be able to put others into a hypnotic state.
    1.a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, esp. through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.
    2.any method of controlled systematic indoctrination, esp. one based on repetition or confusion: brainwashing by TV commercials.
    3.an instance of subjecting or being subjected to such techniques: efforts to halt the brainwashing of captive audiences.
    Hypnotize might be what they are doing, but without a doubt the term, brainwashing, fits.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The JW meeting has similarities to a clinical hypnosis session. The hypnosis process-

    (1) A 3-stage format of relaxation, therapy, and question time that caters to (2) eyes, (3) ears (4) self-esteem (5) confidence controlled by (6) a frontal conscious diversion. (6) A side-talk reader.

    The eyes and ears- The article of frontal focus is visual and is termed "the continual conscious diversion." (Freud used a swinging, ticking pendulum.) The therapist the sits "off to one side" and speaks to the side of the client's head, using an uplifting story designed to raise self-esteem and remove depression or fear. ...(Keeping the ears occupied allows the unconscious to become more vulnerable.)

    Self-esteem- The therapist creates a ..."backwards and forwards" effect by talking between negative self-esteem phrases and positive self-esteem phrases, in a way that replaces the negative with the positive. (The eyes and ears must be kept busy on both left brain-right brain effects to stop the clients mind from having time to figure out if the self-thinking information is truthful or not.) My note on this- WT study give you a problem with Satan or the world or morality, then shifts to the solution provided by the organization or by the New System.

    During a session, a therapist works between the positive and negative triggering phrases "in an uplifting way" that builds the clients self-confidence and self-esteem. Only when each indivdual is effected emotionally, will the mind lock be opened completely to accept the programming of the side talk "unquestionably."... The mind lock is a valve -like portion of the brain that normally allows information through into the unconscious mind, only after a person has taken time to examin it and think about it properly and first deem it acceptable as truth, in the conscious. (It is an interaction between the locus coeruleus and the hippocampus.)

    Question time at the end of a sission is important for long-term conditioning- the therapist MUST ask questions about the session to keep the client pointed in a non-investigative direction at a time when they are not being subjected to the backward and forward diversions of the session and the conscious is no longer being purposely kept. busy. ... It allows the therapist to ensure the client was reacting to the triggering phrases as intended.

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