Hypnotic method of WTS

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  • dido

    underbeliever - you can`t prove gods existence, but you either believe or you don`t.

    Tenebreux has just given an example where subliminal words/ imaging didn`t fail.

    Also, do you believe in the wind, you can`t see that, but know it`s there?

  • under_believer

    Dido, I can't find where I told you that I only believe in things I can see; that would be foolish, wouldn't it?

    I'm assuming that you were joking when you used your "can't see the wind" example, since that very same thing is so often used by the Watchtower Society to make people believe in God, and you left the Society so I can't imagine you seriously using one of their arguments.

    Anyways, when the Society uses that example it is pretty silly, don't you think? We can't see the wind, but we can feel it, directly, with our own sense of touch. We can see, directly, things that it does: It blows weather stations and windmills and trees and waves and sailboats and clouds.

    You appear to have switched this conversation over to the question of God's existence (I thought we were talking about whether the Society uses hypnosis.) I didn't want to take it there, and I decline to discuss this topic on this thread. If you'd really like to analyze God's existence, you should start a new thread.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thank you all for the lively input. Let's close this chapter unless someone has something new to add on the subject started.

    As I previously stated, this is highly questionable whether they do it, further questionable whether it works.

    If you want to believe, along with me, that Rutherford (or someone) decided to use the hypnotic method in home studies and at meetings, many people will doubt you. They will say that we are taking a description of a wild theory and making it fit the reality, just like the WTS does with their "prophecies" (which they say they don't do.)

    If you choose to believe that they don't use the hypnotic method, you are probably in the majority. But I hope you consider the possibility of evil within the JW organization. If they are misleading folks with crazy doctrine, it's not a long stretch to say they are using intentional methods, or maybe they are sincere, but wrong. Who knows.

    I hope readers have seen both sides of the issues.

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