Hypnotic method of WTS

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  • Satanus

    Thanks, onthewayout. It is a form of hypnotism.


  • OnTheWayOut

    The same article says that

    "Watchtower promotes their leaders to bombard adults "and youth" with a huge array of

    doom and gloom themes outlined in their study stories, in a way that can eventually destroy

    enthusiasm to develop in three areas that will endorse their success in family life:

    1. An interest in academic skills to develop leadership security.

    2. Development of personal talents to assist social skills and to give them a recreation to use as

    an outlet in adult years.

    3. A positive compassionate outlook on life.

    This constant negative focus also has potential to establish "hopelessness" the main cause for

    lack of REM sleep, depression and disease, through excessive nighttime release of the hormone

    "cortisol" one of the three factors that causes cells to become cancerous."

    My note:

    Many wonder why some of their children get suicidal, go so far in destructive behavior.

  • Genesis

    Thank you very much Onthewayout, it makes sense ! If rutherford was still alive I swear I would kill him with my own hand for destroying so many lives.

  • under_believer


    Find some non-woo, non-circumstantial, backed-by-science way of explaining this that doesn't depend on finding similarities between two obviously and clearly different phenomenons, and I'll listen.

    There are other, far less mystical, far more mundane, far simpler and more believable reasons for the things you state. Occam's Razor suggests we should use these explanations rather than the ones that the "JW hypnosis" crowd advocates.

  • siy

    man...!! if you think you get hypnotized at the group by the rotation of q & a .

    you must be like one off those chickens that if you draw a straight line infront of it

    it cant move!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am not saying that people were hypnotized by some mystical methods. This has proven commercial value.

    They flash a picture of coca-cola in every 10th frame of a movie, people go out to the lobby and buy coke.

    If you ever went to a time-share or vacation club offer or to a salesperson seminar, they use the positive surroundings

    of people winning stuff and being admired for their wise decision to purchase. To sell Pokeman to kids, they develop a

    language of their own, names of hundreds of characters with their own personalities that they can memorize. "Only we

    understand Pokeman, not our parents, it's cool, let's buy more." These hypnotism methods do not

    take your free will away. BUT if you agree to study with the JW, they start down this road. Eventually, many are

    not questioning the doctrine, because their stimulated brain saw no reason to do so. If you go to the meetings,



    each must decide on their own if there was any effect. I do not look for a scapegoat- I just want to avoid problems in the

    future. I also point it out to lurkers, those considering going back to meetings or starting a study- this is dangerous stuff.

  • dido

    There has been another thread on this a while back, and i thought it was very interesting. One of the things they said, was that they have a song to start off with to lull you into a relaxed frame of mind, then they do the prayer, which is the beginning of the hypnotism, then the backward and forward eye movement which you mention. It sounds very logical, doesn`t it? Just think, i was hypnotised for 25 years! I`m trying to think how i managed to break out of it, must have started thinking for myself, i did slow down on meetings tho`, maybe that`s how.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I`m trying to think how i managed to break out of it, must have started thinking for myself, i did slow down on meetings tho`, maybe that`s how.

    That's highly possible. I know the article I read was the same one you refer to. The local elders are not in on this.

    They are just doing as the organization says. The majority of the Governing Body may not be totally aware of the

    method. They were just told what worked in the past, and it needs to continue. They are all about numbers and not

    truly about love and caring. They would continue using what works. Reading the mags keeps the trigger

    phrases going thru the mind. More meetings reinforces them. Less theocratic activity allows for a lessened effect.

    Also, for doubters, television and political speeches use the same proven techniques. The hypnotic effect is small and

    can easily be broken, but if you are not aware of it, you won't try to break it, because your stimulated brain is happy.

    You still doubt. Okay, but something tricked you, didn't it?

  • under_believer

    OTWO, you really need to stop taking so many things for granted and actually find out whether the things you believe are true. Take the subliminal movie advertising thing, for example--that's a well-known urban legend which is thoroughly false. You also state that inventing a large cast of characters with original names (a la Pokemon) is hypnotism. Um, what? That's not hypnotism.

    You've failed to establish that anything more sinister than regular religious conditioning is going on here. Yes, it's dangerous. No, it's not hypnotism and there are no sinister hypnotic methods (like moving your eyes back and forth in the KH) going on.

    Seriously? There are enough things to legitimately criticize in the Watchtower, let's not set up fake, false things to criticize that will undermine our credibility on the very real issues.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh, and by the way, many JW's are just like that chicken and that line drawn in front of it. They just won't cross over past what the organization tells them. How do you keep people from searching JW's on the internet when they search everything else there? How do you make them feel disgusted when beautiful Christmas music plays? How do you keep them from talking to a son or daughter or grandparent just because they aren't good witnesses? You do it by having influence over them.

    If it seemed so logical to me/you at one time, and now we can't explain how we fell for it, consider this as one influence.

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