what would be "proof" of God's existance to someone?

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  • heathen

    Or maybe you did see something out of the norm that you are now denying as evidence because you can't reproduce it at will . These things cannot be proven in a laboratory so no point calling in all your so called specialists. I really don't think there are any specialists in the field of paranormal, just con artists that like to act out some lunacy in order to make people feel like they are normal and make a quick buck . We live in a very strange universe and there are unexplainable things around us . Some things are explainable but we have to look at ancient writings to do that and have some faith that those people weren't lying as well . The ghost hunter show does get my interest because of the view they take of disproving the haunting first and they do disprove about 90% of the claims as being things other than paranormal . Some of the things cannot be disproven such as doors opening and closing for no reason on camera , I saw the one where they chased a shadow person up a light house and filmed it . very strange . They are skeptical but are willing to accept evidence when it's there. I've seen such a shadow person so know this is not fake .

    dido -- I can't remember what thread I was on but it was another, do you believe in ghosts thread . What's the point anyway? I exsperienced what I did and apparently it was for me only . It seems to be a big part why I'm still interested in the bible and discussing beliefs .

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