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  • freetosee

    Welcome pgwvp,

    it’s great you fund your way out. There are many who left the org for the same reason like you. Higher education is of immense value and presents a threat to the WT leadership. Enjoy your studies.

    As mentioned, you will find other poster on this site, who have left because they are gay. And yes, there is so much they never told us!


  • What-A-Coincidence

    WELCOME. You have come to a goldmine here on JWD

  • HadEnuf

    Welcome! I am so glad you found this site. It has been an enormous support system for many of us! I'm also glad that you're continuing your schooling and seeing the world thru eyes other than JW eyes. That makes things so much better!


  • buffalosrfree

    Welcome to the board, there is much you can learn from this board, stay tuned and you will be very surprised about all the information that is available, we have some people with especially fine minds and very educated. Anthropology huh, well tell us a little about it, I believe about all I know is how to spell it. Like I said welcome aboard.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Welcome! You have found a good place where there are lots of real people.

    Good Girl or Bad Girl

  • jwfacts

    Welcome. There is a wealth of information about the WTS on the net, so you should be able to do well with your studies.

    There have been a number of gay people come through this board, and any emotive gay threads usually get a heap of responses. It is a shame the site does not have a search on personal details to make it easier to locate them. If you would like to talk to some gay people through here I recommend starting a thread to that effect.

  • Arthur

    Welcome pgwvp !

    This site is a treasure trove of information. Glad to have you with us.

  • Gilberto

    Hi and welcome pgwvp,

    This place is certainly a great resource.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  • puck

    welcome, pgwvp --

    i also left because i am gay. i don't post a great deal, but am often lurking. there are a good many of us, more than i would have guessed when i first left. glad you're doing what you need to, and not just what is expected.

    -- puck

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi pgwp, and welcome to the board.

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