As a j-dub, how did you react to christian music?

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  • Highlander

    So I'm riding in a car the other day with a j-dub. On the radio, I have it turned to a station that plays the occasional christian rock type music. A song comes on that has lyrics

    pertaining to Jesus love and his dying for all mankind. The j-dub tells me to change the station,, I ask why. the response is that it's gospel music and it's bad.

    I mentioned that the song is very nice and speaks only of Jesus love and sacrifice for mankind. I asked what was wrong with it... waiting.. no response from the j-dub.

    I refused to change the music as there was no legitimate reason for the request. The j-dub then proceeds to cover ears so as not to hear the music.

    I now think this person is insane.

    The funnier thing is that I'm agnostic and I'm NOT offended by christian music, I actually like it.

  • purplesofa
    The j-dub then proceeds to cover ears so as not to hear the music.


    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Honesty

    Most Dubs get really freaked out when anyone starts mentioning or singing about Jesus.

    It may be because their FDS warns them against idolatry.


    Watchtower 3/1/79 page12

    Faith in Jehovah's Victorious Organization

  • fullofdoubtnow
    The j-dub then proceeds to cover ears so as not to hear the music.

    I now think this person is insane.

    I agree with you

    I doubt I'd have listened deliberately to Christian music when I was a dub, but I wouldn't have covered ny ears if anyone I was with had put some on.

  • blondie

    Actually, as a JW I didn't mind religious music as long as it was in line with what I believed to be true teaching. I never thought all "kingdom" music was that great, some of it was unsingable. I have heard some religious music that wasn't that great musically either.

    I wonder what JWs do who work in a store that plays Christmas songs during the holiday season? Wear earplugs? Hard to hear the customers that way.



    I never liked Christian music..Like Blondie,I did`nt much like the songs at the KingDom Hall either..Who wrote that friggin crap?..The words and the music never worked together..Didn`t the people who wrote those songs hear that?..Were they All tone deaf? Nobody ever seemed to enjoy singing it either.It was what you had to do to get the meeting over with..LOL!!..I do like gospel though,some of that stuff rocks!...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    Which brings to mind another question: Why do jws avoid the song "Amazing Grace"? Every time my parents heard it was like watching a vampire recoil from garlic or the cross (take your pick ).

  • Pubsinger

    Here in the UK "Christian Music" as a genre isn't available in secular music stores and it doesn't get ANY airplay on national or local radio.

    So you can't buy Jars of Clay or Michael W Smith or CeCe Winans next to Green Day, Eminem and Celine Dionne.

    Hence I'd never heard any "Christian Music" until I left the JWs. LMAO at the hands over the ears bit, and you are right to deduce they are insane

    As for "Kingdom Music" I would struggle to categorise it under "music" as the pianist on the tapes certainly couldn't read music well. If you follow the music to the kingdom songs you'll see that the pianist was playing the tunes by ear as he/she doesnt follow the music. No higher than a grade 4 musician I'd say

  • OpenFireGlass

    Who remembers this christian rock band.... LOL...

    But seriously, my sister liked, and was allowed to listen to them....



  • blondie

    the red X struck

    do you mean this group:

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