POLL : Your reaction IF all religion was suddenly banned worldwide

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  • bebu

    It has happened in communist countries, and in these instances a great many of those who hold their religious beliefs are simply forced underground--not unlike how the early Christians had to meet in secret when the Roman government banned the Christian faith.

    In other words, when one is dealing with having their freedom to practice religion banned, it would not make a great difference if the ban were world-wide or nation-wide. The effects would be the same on the individual level for one who would choose to practice their faith despite persecution.

    So, if I awoke to finding that our country/world had outlawed religion, I would be quite upset. But I would certainly know I had a choice to make still, and would steel myself to pay that price.

    A gestalt-type question to you, fish: if you were told you mustkeep your religion, or else lose all the relationships you value... would you be willing to do that if you felt that your religion was not the best represenation of truth, and you were convicted something was even better? Would you be willing to have your father and mother, wife or child, shun you or disown you if you refined your beliefs and 'changed up'?

    You see, it isn't only banning of religion that is a problem, it is also using faith as extortion (Muslims do this, too, not only JWs). It's the other side of the persecution coin. Either way, a person still has a choice between choosing what to do--to gain/follow the world, or lose his soul.


  • Carmel

    My faith is banned in several countries (all Muslim) yet it continues to flurish! I suspect it would even if the ban were universal. It would simply outlast the constraints.


  • Arthur

    I remember one writer (who is a contributor to Scientific American Magazine) asked a very sobering question. I'm paraphrasing; but he basically asked "If the world's most powerful militaries can't even get armed bands under control in places like Afghanistan; how would they possibly get 1 billion Muslims (who control most of the world's oil reserves) under control.

    Asking us this question is a little bit like asking us how we would react if aliens came to earth to colonize the planet; like in the movie Independence Day. I have no idea how I would react under such a rediculous scenario. But, I can tell you this. I surely wouldn't go running back to a grotesque hybrid of a religion that was invented by a megalomaniac who liked bootleg whiskey.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'd jump for joy, then go out and celebrate. I doubt it would occur to me for even a millisecond that the jws were right after all.

    Of course, it won't happen

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I don't believe this could ever happen, but if it did.....I would be celebrating, and never and I repeat never would I even think for a moment that the JW's were somehow right after all, because after all I have learned about my sad religion, and all religion in general, there is no doubt in my mind that all of it is BS.

    About the Gaia thingy, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea. None of the religious systems so far have been able to bring peace, because they are all deluded into thinking they are the true religion, well, THERE IS NO TRUE RELIGION!

    John Lennons song brings tears to my eyes, because his words are so true, in a world like that...although I think it would be very difficult to make that happen, we would all be happy!

  • Hellrider

    For the UN to "ban all religion" is impossible, and to anyone that ever really thought thru this, it should be evident that it is impossible!! - and that the whole "the UN will turn on religion"-doctrine of the jws make them the stupidest religion that ever existed!!! But if it did happen, I would say "well it`s about time", and celebrate with a good bottle of wine.

  • greendawn

    It would be like burning the wheat with the chaff, a lot of religions are destructive eg the JWs and the Moslems while the Hindus encourage social discrimination against the untouchables (though banned by law in India) at the end of the day religious organisations haven't really achieved the objective of fully civilising man.

  • Elsewhere
    what your personal reaction would be IF (I say if because probably 99.9% here believe this will never happen) all the religions of the world were to be suddenly banned/shut down/decommissioned/liquidated/dismembered/etc.. by the political powers of the world. What would you do?

    I would lmao because such a thing would never fly if it were not the will of the people. If some sort of global dictator tried to ban all religion it would create a massive international insurgency like nothing the world has seen before.

    If the population as a whole gradually became more atheistic and decided to abandon their deities and religions on their own, then there would be no major reaction from anyone. Everyone would just shrug and go about their business.

  • Flash
    POLL : Your reaction IF all religion was suddenly banned worldwide

    I am looking forward to it. I personaly believe the War On Terror will bring us to this point.

    I believe Jehovah's Witnesses are God's modern people, BUT their Organization is run by the Evil Slave. It is very much like ancient Israel...They have the truth about God and His Son but like the Scribes and Pharisees of Israel they do not follow it and worse invalidate it with their opressive traditions. Most of the people here have left because of their being "lorded over."

    What would your first post here say?

    Its time to make peace with God and His Son on a personal level. And remember...they don't require us to drink any Kool Aid!

    Would it change your view of Jehovah...of the "org"?

    No. Rather, I would be very happy that Jesus is kicking 'Evil Slave and friends' butt.

    How would you then treat JWs or what would you say to them?

    After Armageddon I am looking forward to accepting their apologies for being self righteous, arrogant JERKS!

  • Ade

    i have faith , so if all religion was banned , wouldnt matter one ounce to me >:).
    in fact i'd sing and dance with joy lol


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