POLL : Your reaction IF all religion was suddenly banned worldwide

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  • glitter

    If religion was banned in my country I'd join the faithful in peaceful protests. I'd much prefer people discovered their religion was nonsense for themselves than anyone ban it.

  • Jringe01

    If it happened here in Canada I would be scared.

    I agree with V, the only way religon will ever die out is for religious tolerance to spread. This is what is happening right now before our very eyes.

    If governments did ban it the resulting backlash...I don't want to think about it. People are so stupid and ignorant as it is so it wouldn't suprise me if one day someone actually tried it.

  • dmouse

    As my Granddad used to say - 'if things don't change they'll stay as they are'. Basically I think religion will go it's merry way polluting humankind for centuries yet.

    However, hypothetically...

    What if Islamic exremists get hold of nuclear weapons, and use them against Christian extremists (mainly in the U.S.)? The resulting scenario, of millions of deaths and the potential for the extinction of the human race, would mean the survivors would almost certainly ban overt religious practices as a matter of fear of it happening again.

    So, I think it won't just 'happen' like the JWs think but it could happen following an extremely violent and bleak moment in human history.

    In which case most of us won't be here to say anything to Jehovah's Witnesses anyway.

  • rocketman


    I would lmao because such a thing would never fly if it were not the will of the people. If some sort of global dictator tried to ban all religion it would create a massive international insurgency like nothing the world has seen before.

    My thinking exactly....the greatest power in the world can't even control the insurgency in Iraq.

    But let's say it did somehow happen....I'd be glad, because the chances for real world peace would increase greatly (but humans would find something else to fight over anyway).

  • riverofdeceit

    I have to agree with V and Elsewhere. The backlash would be huge, and any government with that much power would be awful. I am an atheist, but I would join any underground movements to destroy any government that had that much power. People claim that religion causes the evil in the world and that getting rid of it would help. I don't agree. While I feel that religion is foolish, I think that most evil is acted out because of a quest for power. Religion is just one of the many tools people use to control. Government shutting down religion would just be government gaining more power. That is a scary situation. Of course, you'd still have aboriginal tribes, amazonian religions, etc. How do you shut them down?

    For instance, I know nothing about the Muslim faith other than what I have seen the extremists preach and do. Based on their actions many people have decided Islam is too dangerous to even exist. Maybe they are right, I don't know. You think that the extremism is bad now? Imagine what it would be like if you outlawed Islam!

  • jstalin

    I'd lock and load. If religion were banned, it would mean that we live in a tyrannical world where there is a government big enough and powerful enough to think it could do so. I'm an atheist, yet I believe everyone has the right to think and associate peacefully without interference from government. Banning religion would be one step in attempting to control thought and behavior, well outside the realm of legitimate government functions. What would be next? Banning libraries and censoring the Internet?

  • sspo

    It will never happen. Even if the UN would pass a resolution to ban all religions as the JW claim.

    How do you destroy ISLAM, who would enforce the resolution when the military and police are the very ones that are religious fanatics themselves.

    Unless the JW are right and the creator of the universe can make things happen, there might be a good chance I might start beleiving.

  • bubble

    The sooner the better is what I say!!

    Ban organised religion but allow people to worship in the privacy of their own homes if they wish.

  • plmkrzy

    Fish:Im interested in hearing what your personal reaction would be IF (I say if because probably 99.9% here believe this will never happen) all the religions of the world were to be suddenly banned/shut down/decommissioned/liquidated/dismembered/etc.. by the political powers of the world.

    I expect it to happen. Not by the political powers but by political choices. Not in my lifetime, not in my children?s lifetime and not even their children?s lifetime but I think it will eventually happen. Not because a government would ban all religion but because society would change into a society without religion. Maybe it will be this way in the next millennium, who knows? I don?t think that will make JWs Gods chosen people.

  • diamondblue1974

    When you think of this realistically, to actually ban religion would cause an untold amount of upheaval, some would argue that it isnt legally possible to ban religion worldwide.

    Never before has religion been so entrenched legally in today's society and some might argue that it could never be removed; the European Convention of Human Rights gives freedom of association and this right is protected extensively. In the UK the Human Rights Act 1998 gives similar rights and freedoms. Even on this small scale it would be nigh on impossible to restrict or remove this freedom. When you think of this realistically you realise that the WTS view or prophesy is completely out of sync with society as a whole.

    If religion was to be banned worldwide it would take the cooperation of many nations who right now cannot speak to each other without threat of war - it seems incredulous to think that these countries would just jump on the bandwaggon and all agree to a total ban of something they feel so passionate about. Its not realistic to believe in the current climate that religion will be banned and JWs worldwide cannot see the wood for the trees in that respect.

    The WTS invest physically and financially in making sure that the average rank and file is spoonfed the very basic information; this coupled with their lack of education ensures that they do not have access to information which would counter the propaganda provided by the society.

    I have challenged JWs previously on this point and they as yet have failed to offer any suitable and educated explanation which isnt borne out of supposition and speculation.

    Questions to ask a JW on this point when they bring the mag round -

    1. In light of the European Convention on Human Rights freedom of association how do you suppose religion will be banned?
    2. On what basis do you suggest that worldwide cooperation will be achieved, especially with nations at war on religious grounds?
    3. Who do you expect will dictate and enforce this cooperation globally?

    As mentioned I have yet to receive a sensible answer.

    DB74 (Gary)

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